The Right Device Isn’t Always the “Best” Device


The other day, I wrote that I felt the Nexus 6 was not the premium piece of hardware it has been billed as. I called it “chintzy,” citing issues with the camera, battery, and more than anything else, heat.I have on a couple of occasions called the Galaxy Note 4 the best phone available (that I know of), due to its amazing display, powerful innards, removable battery, great battery life, expandable storage, excellent stylus, and almost unsurpassed camera.And despite all this, I can’t bring … [Read more...]

Sally Field, Phil Hartman, and Everyone’s Jesus

My wife Jessica dug up this old SNL clip today, and I love it.Let me tell you why I love it.First, Sally Field commits. This is not some half-baked celebrity-host cue-card phone-in. She becomes this Jesus-loving woman entirely. It's just grand.Second, Phil Hartman is the perfect Jesus. Not because he "looks the part" or anything, it's that he manages to pull off the perfect blank-slate-Jesus. There is no figure in fiction or fact who comes with more cultural baggage than Jesus … [Read more...]

Nexus 6, You’ve Burned Me For the Last Time [Updated]

Image originally from Phone Arena

*** UPDATE *** I have very much changed my opinion on this device. Please see here.The Nexus 6, I have determined, is chintzy. I thought it was me, at first, but after having returned several units that had various problems (which has earned me the ire of Amazon, but that’s another story), I think it’s not me, it’s the phone.One unit had discolored banding problems on the display. Two others got uncomfortably warm during normal use, and too damned hot when doing anything like watchi … [Read more...]

Google Handwriting is Super Cool


As a Galaxy Note 4 owner, I aspire to make more use of the phone's included stylus (the "S-Pen"). Samsung does a competent job of offering up ways to use it, be it for marking up images or taking quick notes, as well as some not-bad handwriting recognition. It's a little convoluted (it is Samsung, after all) but it mostly works.Today Google put out a new "keyboard," which I place in quotes because it's only a keyboard in that it's a text input extension for Android that takes out keys and … [Read more...]


I’m thinking a lot lately about what draws a person to a particular device. As you might know, I’ve been trying a gazillion different different phones, in some possibly futile attempt to settle into the “perfect” device, or in other words, the thing I’ll stick with for about a year as opposed to a month or so.Not too long ago, I was convinced that, despite its drawbacks, the Nexus 5 was my one true love. But I was convinced I needed something with better specs. After a few million switchero … [Read more...]

Zelda, Bottles, Glasses, Etc.

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The Power and Pathos of Optimus Prime

Image from Marvel Comics. (Source)

As you might know, I am a great fan of the old-school Transformers, the 1986 Transformers animated film in particular. (I even hosted a whole podcast episode about it.) For all their flaws (which are plentiful), the franchise was a watershed moment for me, introducing me as a child to a kind of storytelling, a style of animation, and a degree of out-and-out violence I'd never experienced, for better and/or worse.What stays with with me more than any other aspect of the franchise, more than the … [Read more...]

Here Come the Apologetics from “Some” Mars One Candidates

The true believers of Mars One have begun to respond to the criticism the program is facing, most specifically from the excellent investigative work of Elmo Keep, whose pieces I have now cited twice on this blog. Yesterday, I wrote about how Keep’s reporting reveals that Mars One is beginning to look less like a noble scientific enterprise, and more like a profit-seeking rapture cult.Today, I am directed to a rebuttal piece that is part group-response from Mars One candidates, and part p … [Read more...]

Mars One is Amway-Meets-Heaven’s Gate

In November I wrote about an investigative piece by Elmo Keep on the Mars One initiative, which is supposed to be screening candidates for a one-way mission to Mars in the next decade. Go read that post to get caught up. (And read all of Keep's original article, which is amazing.)In my post, I compared Mars One to the Underpants Gnomes of South Park:So to sum that up in Underpants Gnome terms:Hold meetings. Get feedback from meetings. ??? Send humans to Mars.In other w … [Read more...]

Now I Wire Me Up to Sleep

Me, wired, pre-tubing.

You know how when you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you wake up the next morning rested, refreshed, and ready to start your day? Well, I don’t.In fact, I have never felt this way. Regardless of how many hours of sleep I get, whether I remember dreaming or not, or whether or not I’ve snored, had to go to the bathroom, been interrupted by my kids, or had nothing happen whatsoever, I awake every morning feeling crappy, exhausted, tight, cramped, and less than pleased to be alive. For years, I pre … [Read more...]