Shaking off Some of the Apple Fussiness

My awful, terrible dock.

John Gruber has a running joke he used to tell on his podcasts, his Rules for Success on the Internet, meant to poke fun at himself and the folks in his circle. The rules were, paraphrased:Have a clicky keyboard Be fussy about coffee Own a SodastreamIt’s so amusing to me and his audience because it’s an acknowlegdement that he and his ilk have the luxury of having quirky predelictions about certain trivial things that, in their lives, seem so important. The coffee, for example, has t … [Read more...]

Gloves That Allow You To Look Like an Idiot and Simultaneously Awesome


ThinkGeek is now selling gloves that also serve as a Bluetooth handset for talking on the actually making that thumb-and-pinky sign with your hands!Where has this been??? Why are we seven years into the smartphone revolution and this only comes about now??? What has the rest of the industry been wasting its time on???Well fuck it. I hate talking on the phone very, very much, but if I had these, I'd suck it up.Here's their super-weird video. … [Read more...]

2014′s Paradigm Shifts in Tech


Technology is all about change, and rapid change at that. But even with the pace of technological development being dizzyingly fast, there are still larger paradigms, grander assumptions and codes of conventional wisdom, that are more or less static. In 2014, though, a lot of those paradigms shifted, and many of our preconceptions and understandings were altered, enlightened, or totally overturned. Here’s a short list of some of those paradigm shifts in tech in 2014. Microsoft the Scrappy U … [Read more...]

The Embassy of Google


I really like Google+ for the most part (as much as I hate the name), and I find the interactions that I have there to be, on the average, much higher in quality than those I have over Facebook or Twitter. Part of that I know is because there just aren’t all that many people there, so there’s less noise in my individual feed, and those who are there are going to be, well, at least a little more like me: tech-enthusiast, early adopter, cultural geeks. I come across very little abuse or vitriol, an … [Read more...]

Trying to Be a Phablet Guy, with Little Hands


Is it time to jump on board the phablet bandwagon? I’ve never owned one of these large phones before, being cursed with wee mitts, but I’ve always been a little googly-eyed at the idea of a portable large-screen device. I was one of the few who, when the first Samsung Galaxy Note was unveiled, didn’t think it was ridiculous like many (most?) people did, but instead found it very tempting. It's a few short years later, and now we have the iPhone 6 Plus and the Nexus 6, and something the size of th … [Read more...]

Oh Shit, Earth Actually is Flat

That is, if you're a cosmic particle traveling at 99.9999999999991% the speed of light.What a fascinating way to look at the basic shapes of All Things that we take for granted.But no, there's no need to join the Flat Earth Society, unless, of course, you're talking about Thomas Dolby's fan club. The man says: Friends have often asked me why I'm sensitive about my height … [Read more...]

Reaching the Age of Dennis (Of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune)


Today I reach the age of Dennis, the filth-digging peasant who loathes the self-perpetuating autocracy in spite of which his autonomous collective operates.He's not old, you see. He's 37.He's not old. … [Read more...]

Totally Worth It


Sometimes, getting new gadgets feels a little like this.But I quickly get over it. I mean, I do have a birthday coming up, and I could have a phone with an 801 processor instead of an 800. You know, life-changing shit. … [Read more...]

The Superhero America, with its Systemic and Infrastructural Problems, Deserves


Vlad Savov has an interesting essay at The Verge in which he laments that popular superheroes as they are written are rarely called upon to use their extraordinary powers to do more than fight, as opposed to tackling some of the bigger, more systemic problems faced by societies and civilization. He writes, for example: Superman’s reduction to a punching machine — particularly prominent in his movie outings — is … less excusable than Batman’s since the Man of Steel actually has superhuman powers. … [Read more...]

Patrick Stewart and the Shame of Bullying

Image by Shutterstock.

I was rather moved when I saw this tweet yesterday. When I was a child at times I was a bully - and I'm ashamed. #NoBystanders #StopBullying— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) November 19, 2014It’s already heartening to me to see celebrities that I highly respect stand up for a cause that feels so personal to me, to see smart and powerful people acknowledge that the torment that so many kids endure at the hands of their peers is genuinely damaging, and a crisis wor … [Read more...]