Angels in the iPod: Lawrence Krauss on TWiT

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Physicist Lawrence Krauss was recently the guest on Triangulation, the interview program on the TWiT network. It's one of those lovely convergences where science and skept0-atheism cross paths with tech media, so I thought it'd be a good thing to post here.Content-wise, it's fairly introductory stuff. If you follow Krauss's science popularization work, you probably won't get a whole lot new here. But host Leo Laporte is obviously enamored of his interview subject, and the conversation t … [Read more...]

Introducing the iMortal Show – Episode 1: Ersatz Geek

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I’m proud to present the first episode of my new podcast, the iMortal Show. Like the iMortal the blog, this show will look at the intersection of culture and technology, an exploration of how we live our finite lives during the tech revolution.For our first episode, I’ve brought on actor, singer, and science communicator Gia Mora and web designer Matt Licata to discuss what it means to be a geek today. We talk about how geekhood has evolved from something that was explictly non-conformist to … [Read more...]

Amazon Embraces the E-reader’s Niche Status with a Premium Kindle

I assume the magic origami flora and fauna are extra.

 Last week I wrote about the recent spate of predictions about the coming demise of the dedicated e-reader, and I predicted that rather than go away, the e-reader would probably embrace its niche status in two ways. I wrote: ...[E]-readers are not doomed, but ... they’re going to cease to be an explosive category of mass market technology. Instead, I think we’ll see them continue to be honed and improved for a slightly niche market of frequent book consumers. And since they don’t re … [Read more...]

Stuck in the Middle with You: The Awkward Sidelines of Skepto-Atheism’s Internal Battles

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Mommy and daddy are fighting, and they’re ruining Christmas. This is pretty much how I feel most days when I glance at my Twitter feed or peruse the blogs of the skepto-atheosphere. People I like and respect making each other miserable, attacking each other, and each more or less defining the other as either a monster or a bucket of spit.Despite my best intentions, I fear that I often come off as “above it all,” in the snootiest sense of that term, as I tend to avoid mixing up with myriad debat … [Read more...]

Here’s to the Dirty One: Tim Cook and His 53 Minutes with Charlie Rose

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Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down on Thursday for the first half of what will be a two-part interview with Charlie Rose. I'm embedding the video, and below that I'll have some thoughts.Some things that got me thinking:This is a good venue for Cook. He's not tied to a script or performing for a crowd. He's at a table with another dude in a black room just chatting. He's humanized. There was a lot of talk about Steve Jobs and the shadow he casts over Cook and Apple as a whole. I don't … [Read more...]

Will the Apple Watch Justify its Existence?

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I am skeptical of the Apple Watch, in a way I haven’t been of an Apple product in a very long time. From the moment the concept of the smartwatch became the prime topic of tech conversation a couple of years ago, I failed to see what problem these devices could possibly solve. Certainly, smartwatches generally have some utility, and can make some things easier here and there, but it never struck me that these conveniences warranted an entirely separate, expensive gadget.Apple’s watch, while r … [Read more...]

The Waning Religious Experience of Apple Keynotes

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When I first became an Apple fan about a decade ago, it took an inordinate amount of effort for me to actually see one of their keynote events or product announcements. They were rarely livestreamed, for one (though few things were back in 2005 or so), and even when they were made available online, I had crummy Internet connections or spotty wifi, and the stream would often come in pixellated and jittery.Even as the stream quality and accessibility improved over the Steve Jobs era, it never … [Read more...]

Apparently Apple Has Metallurgists: A Podcast Conversation on Apple’s September 2014 Event

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What would iMortal be if it didn’t feature a discussion about the latest Apple product unveiling? A joke, that’s what. So I’ve assembled a super-team of tech enthusiasts to talk about the new religious artifacts introduced by Apple on September 9, 2014: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch. Here's the SoundCloud link if you just want to get right to it, and here's the direct download link.I’m joined by Matt Licata, Chris Sawyer, and Ken Kennedy, all of whom were guests on m … [Read more...]

Final Fantasy VII’s Final Battle Against Sephiroth…Sung A Capella

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Smooth McGroove, he who produces amazing a cappella renditions of music from video games, has created his masterpiece.I've previously heaped praise on him for his versions of the Final Fantasy VII battle and Mega Man II Dr. Wily stage themes, and my absolute favorite, the DuckTales Moon theme. They all delighted me.But this, well, this is something else entirely. Here's Smooth McGroove doing "One-Winged Angel," the theme of the final battle in Final Fantasy VII versus Sephiroth -- … [Read more...]

iMortal Coverage of Apple’s 9/9/14 Event


The holiest day of the year is tomorrow, September 9, as Apple unveils whatever heavenly new gadgets it has developed for the betterment of humanity. We’ll almost certainly see one and probably two new iPhones in new sizes, and the rumor mill is spinning like a Catherine wheel with expectations of things like a smartwatch or other wearable, possible new iPads, updates to the Apple TV platform, and more info on iOS 8. Apple’s gone as far as to build an entire second, temporary structure outside th … [Read more...]