Liveblog-TST Abortion Rights Case at Missouri Supreme Court

Our live-blog coverage will start at 10:30 EST 1/23/2018 (NOTE: this liveblog has now ended. A recording of the oral argument’s audio will be available as soon as we can get a copy)

Real-time chat during oral arguments of The Satanic Temple’s landmark case against Missouri’s informed consent laws with our guest commentator panel: Megan Kennedy from the Religious Education Series, TST legal counsel Stu De Haan, National Director for The Satanic Temple’s Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign Jex Blackmore, and TST Co-Founder Lucien Greaves.

Please visit here for more information.

To listen along to a recording of the trial’s oral arguments click here

Reproductive Rights Banner
Satanic Temple members hang new Reproductive Rights Campaign Banner at TST Headquarters in Salem Mass. Photo Credit: TST-Salem


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  • Kacy

    This liveblogging is SO cool…hope you do more of this!