As a scholarly work The Prince of this World is thoroughly engrossing if you’re a fan of the subject matter, but new readers of such works may find it challenging. Read more

Hooray for some good news! In a joint statement released by YWCA both groups regretted the confluence of influences that lead to the dust-up, which temporarily left donations collected by TST-AZ without a place to go. Read more

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, along with the American Humanist Association, the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, and several individual Arkansas residents have filed a Lawsuit against Arkansas’ Secretary of State over the state’s now re-installed 10 Commandments monument on Arkansas State Capitol grounds. Read more

The Satanic Temple-Arizona was forced to find a new partner for a popular charity campaign because of alleged complaints to partner organization from a self-professed, anonymous, Christian. Read more

This weekend for my Podcast co-host Andrew Hall and I got to have a conversation with fellow Patheos blogger and Iranian Atheist Kaveh Mousavi from On the Margin of Error. Read more

This week a new video of Lucien Greaves expands on why Grey Faction does what it does by exploring more about the history of the Satanic Panic and a few of the key personalities that were instrumental in setting off that witch hunt which continues to influence fringe psychology and conspiracy theories. Read more

The power of belief in a story, any story really, isn’t in the factual truth of it. Stories are, after all, just very complicated lies. But they’re lies that are told with the intention of conveying a moral message. Read more

The Arkansas State Capital 10 commandments monument was re-dedicated this morning and Lucien Greaves was on hand to watch our good friend State Senator Stanley J Rapert apparently use his dedication speech to try and litigate his case for the monument in the court of public opinion. Read more

A new study published this month explores the notion that religiosity and well-being has an inverse relationship with the availability of government services. Read more

On Thursday, Arkansas State Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert (R-Conway) announced the re-installation of the Arkansas State Capitol 10 Commandments monument will take place next week, setting off a flurry of activity among groups like the ACLU and The Satanic Temple (TST), which have both threatened legal action. Read more

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