This week we turn our attention back to political action and the fight over separation of church and state. this week we turn our attention back to political action and the fight over separation of church and state. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes that we should start hearing more about pretty soon. So by way of an overview, here are some TST related stories to watch. Read more

The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter hosted a ritual event in Bisbee, AZ with TST members from all over the country to renounce arbitrary authority. Read more

The Satanic Temple Co-founder Lucien Greaves spoke at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix to discuss the intersectionality of Humanism and Satanism. Read more

Three groups (Missouri Right to Life, Thomas More Society, and The Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists) filed an amicus brief in The Satanic Temple’s case opposing Missouri abortion law. Read more

I don’t have much to say here other than ‘watch my friends give a good talk.’ As you may recall I quoted TST-AZ Chapter Head Michelle Shortt at length from this speech back in September when discussing Satanism as a part of the Atheist community. There’s some really good stuff in here including two TST National Council members discussing current pending litigation actions (Stu De Haan) as well as other TST activist causes like After School Satan Club and Grey Faction… Read more

In a letter to the Belle Plaine, MN City Council The Satanic Temple claims the city may be liable for cost of monument construction after eliminating its Veterans’ Memorial Park prior to a monument’s installation. Read more

I understand. Jefferies is a comedy show on a comedy network. He’s got jokes to make, pacing beats to hit, and he only gets half-an-hour a week. So I don’t begrudge him for not getting into the weeds on explaining Satanism to a wide audience; there’s a big (as Douglas Adams would call it) Somebody Else’s Problem field for him around explaining why Satanists don’t just call themselves Atheists. But in this particular instance, for better or worse, the Somebody Else happens to be this blog. Read more

Lucien Greaves is our guest on the Naked Diner Podcast ahead of The Satanic Temple’s Halloween Black Mass to discuss TST’s legal actions, and more. Read more

Along with new Protect Children Project billboards this week. Several new videos dropped this week that do excellent deep dives into Satanic thought. Read more

A document purportedly leaked internal White House memo, if true, has disturbing implications for the administration’s reproductive rights agenda. Read more

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