The European witch hunts is where we get many of the standard tropes for cartoon witches. Read more

Former bow-tie wearer Tucker Carlson had The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves on his show to … mostly interrupt him again. Read more

John Wilson, a Reverend at Liberty Pentecostal Church in West Yorkshire has been convicted on 18 counts of abuse and sentenced to 21 years in prison. Read more

The campaign, in participation with the Young Women’s Community Association’s Project Period, asked local businesses to host donation boxes where patrons could drop off new-in-box hygiene products. Read more

In an announcement on Tuesday Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar said that the vote could be held as early as May. Polling in the country suggests that it is unlikely to result in a complete repeal of anti-abortion laws but that the majority of the country supports relaxing current policy. Read more

Christian pastor calls display reprehensible and the essence of evil. Vows to knock down display with sledgehammer. Read more

The Satanic Temple has announced that they plan to find interested couples who have been discriminated against for Satanic wedding parties at their headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. Read more

… as a metaphorical figure Satan is nothing if not one to buck the system and challenge the status quo. It’s this ethos of Satan as the adversary of a tyrannical deity that I think is the driving factor of renewed interest in Satanic thought and philosophy. Read more

Oklahoma City man sues local school district for defamation and civil-rights violations Read more

Three Satanic Temple Co-founder speaking engagements Read more

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