In today’s guest post The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves answers questions about Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Grey Faction initiative. Read more

The Satanic Temple’s often under reported campaign Grey Faction seeks to combat Satanic abuse conspiracies that persist as claims of Dissociative Disorders Read more

WNYC public radio’s On the Media dedicated an entire episode this week to abortion and reproductive rights. The episode is a really good overview of the history of reproductive rights in the U.S. Read more

Last month the city of Palaio Faliro in Greece became the recipient of a donated piece of public art that local religious leaders have proclaimed to be “demon and a soldier of Satan that, instead of being honoured, must be despised as blasphemous.” This fun little bit of apophenia seems to have something to do with the statue being red. The Devil in Me Sees the Devil in You The statue, titled Phylax, depicts a winged figure with an ambiguous… Read more

An interview with a Satanist and activist on their personal campaign to help the homeless in their local community and how individual action is central to their beliefs. Read more

2017 has seen tremendous growth in interest on the topic of Satanism. It seems fitting as we wind down the year to take a look back at highlights that helped shape this renewed cultural interest. Read more

Thoughts on a recent discussion about how gendered language in our mythologies may effect how we think about gender and inter-gender issues. Read more

Much like back in October, this month had several chapters decide to do events, Dallas and Austin even branded theirs the same, calling it Sol Invictus. Colorado was opting for playing around with themes and traditions by dedicating an event to “taking back” the pagan symbols of Christmas (the trees, the pageantry, the merriment … particularly the merriment). Read more

In a recent presentation at The Satanic Temple’s Salem, Mass Headquarters Religious Studies Professor Joseph P. Laycock discussed the moral panic surrounding Dungeons & Dragons in the 80’s and 90’s. Read more

The Arkansas 10 Commandments monument is set to be reinstalled on their State Capital grounds. The Satanic Temple (as well as several other organizations) have said they will be filing lawsuits soon after calling the state’s refusal of TST’s Baphomet statue application an “unconstitutional (at both the state and federal level) act of government viewpoint discrimination”. Read more

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