Halloween is good fun. Because of Satanism’s cultural association with it many like to take symbolic ownership, and have some good old-fashioned spectacle. Read more

On Monday, a blog post to their news feed and a corresponding fact sheet regarding The Satanic Temple and their Missouri abortion law challenges. It’s complicated. Read more

In a rare move, The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves posts point by point refutation of Church of Satan ‘fact sheet’ on his personal website calling CoS post “egregiously cherry-picked, willfully misinformed, and outright false, that it demands correction.” Read more

Do last week’s policy memorandums from the U.S. Attorney General widen the door for government funding of religious school programs? Read more

The 3 co-hosts of Satanic San Francisco’s Black Mass Appeal are guests on the Naked Diner Podcast for a rousing crossover. Read more

What is the secular purpose of a giant cross? Why, if the significance of the monument is secular, is the appeal coming from a religious freedom organization? Read more

In a unanimous decision the court has overturned the case’s dismissal and transferred the case to the Missouri Supreme Court. Read more

Critics of Satanism claim it’s non-theistic nature excludes it from being a religion because they look up ‘religion’ in the dictionary and read the first definition while ignoring the alternate definitions entirely. Read more

The European witch hunts is where we get many of the standard tropes for cartoon witches. Read more

Former bow-tie wearer Tucker Carlson had The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves on his show to … mostly interrupt him again. Read more

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