The 11 Most Annoying Catchphrases

A couple of years ago, researchers at Oxford University compiled a list of the top ten most irritating expressions. Their list included overused office lingo, (24/7, synergy), grammatically incorrect constructions (“shouldn’t of”), and adverbs used out of context (literally, ironically). While everything on their list is certainly irritating, few of the items rise to the level [Read More…]

On the Oddity of Giving Children a Moral Imagination

Mark Mitchell has a superb essay on developing in children a logocentric view of reality: Are we raising kids who won’t fit in? I have asked this of myself regularly over the past few years. My wife and I are educating our three boys at home. We don’t watch television (only an occasional video). We emphasize [Read More…]

Thirty Three Things (Video Edition)

1. The Trunk Monkey Combing two things all men love: cars and monkeys. °°°°°° 2. M. Ward – Chinese Translation The greatest Johnny Cash song that Johnny Cash never sang. Charming and beautiful. °°°°°° 3. The Best of ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter” Ads °°°°°° 4. Economics Explained If you’ve ever been bored sitting in Econ [Read More…]

Shallow Small Group Bible Study

Dissatisfied with your current small-group? You might want to check out this one. “We hate bad theology as much as the next guy. And we know the surest way to prevent bad theology is to avoid theology altogether.” [Read more…]

Television’s 11 Most Creative Opening Credits

One of the most undervalued formats in television is the opening credit sequences. Within just a few minutes that set the tone for a series that last for years—even decades. They can reveal a backstory in a song (Gilligan’s Island, Green Acres), create a aural hook (Peter Gunn’s theme for Mission Impossible, Quincy Jone’s music [Read More…]

Why Did Jesus Come in 5 B.C.?

Consider two facts: God does not make arbitrary decisions and Christianity is a religion whose truths are rooted in and revealed through history. Assuming those claims are both true—and I have no doubts about either—it follows that the Father had a particular reason for sending the Son to earth circa 5 b.c. But if so, [Read More…]

The Temptation of Secular Conservatism

At First Things, William Doino Jr. has written the most commendable “the problem with conservatism” article of the year. I agree with every word: American conservatism, of course, has never been perfectly Christian—and sometimes, far from it—but its imperfect efforts to uphold the country’s moral and religious heritage is still welcome. But now that these [Read More…]

How to Spot a Bad Preacher

As a lifelong student of rhetoric, I’ve always had a fascination and fondness for preachers. I’ve spent many years studying their manners and methods in order to learn how they are able to communicate to large groups in a way that feels intimate and familiar. For instance, one of my favorite pastors spent an entire [Read More…]

How God Makes a Pencil

In 1958, Leonard Read published his brilliant essay, “I, Pencil.” The Competitive Enterprise Institute recently released a wonderful video that illustrates Read’s point that the creation of a pencil requires an unfathomable level of complexity and undirected cooperation. Read’s original essay was written from the point of view of the pencil and the humble writing [Read More…]

The Built-In Human Expiration Date

In the book of Genesis it notes that the human lifespan is limited to a maximum of 120 years. And since God is a mathematician, it shouldn’t be surprising that this rate of mortality is an exponential function: What do you think are the odds that you will die during the next year?  Try to put [Read More…]