Our Return to the Lord

The parable of the Prodigal Son may be the best known in the Bible, perhaps only rivaled by the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  It is a simple yet timeless story that has captivated countless Christians and non-Christians alike.  What makes this story so powerful and attractive? Generations of men and women have found hope [Read More…]

¿Quién ordeñará las vacas?

  Hace un tiempo escuché en el radio que en la actualidad dos tercios de los ordeñadores de vacas en los Estados Unidos son inmigrantes indocumentados. Ya que soy descendiente de cuatro generaciones de ganaderos y al haber trabajadotantas horas en una sala de ordeño, inmediatamente tomé interés en la noticia. Los ganaderos están muy [Read More…]

Who will milk the cows?

This article is as pertinent today as it was when I wrote it over three years ago.  At the heart of the immigration debate needs to be the recognition of our system does not meet the present needs of our country.  The immigration system today is not the same system as years before, and until [Read More…]

Escuchar más, hablar menos

Recuerdo una vez escuchar a mi abuelo decir, “cuanto más uno habla, más oportunidad hay de decir tonterías”. Esto es muy cierto, pienso que es mejor escuchar más y hablar menos. Lamentablemente en la actualidad todos hablan, pero pocos escuchan. Las vías para uno expresarse se han multiplicado en estas últimas décadas, y me atrevo [Read More…]

Listen more, speak less

I recall my grandfather say once, “the more someone speaks the more likely he or she will say something dumb.”  I agree with him.  It is always better to listen more and to speak less.  Unfortunately today in society everyone speaks, but not many listen.  The number of outlets to express opinions has rapidly multiplied [Read More…]

Poverty and Need: A lesson from Rwanda

We arrived to the village of Kagano in western Rwanda after a long journey from the capital of Kigali.  It had been a lengthy day of traveling first to the District Office of Nyabihu for a meeting with district officials followed by continued journeying deeper into the countryside.  Due to unexpected delays, we were unable [Read More…]

Pobreza y Necesidad: una lección de Ruanda

Llegamos al pueblo de Kagano en Rwanda después de un largo viaje desde la capital Kigali. Habíamos tenido ya un día extendido primero con la visita a las oficinas del Distrito de Nyabihu para una reunión con funcionarios distritales seguido por la continuación del camino hacia una zona más remota. Debido a retrasos inesperados, no [Read More…]

Southern Bishops Speak for Life

This morning in Augusta, Georgia, Bishop Estevez of Saint Augustine, Bishop Hartmayer, OFM Conv of Savannah, and Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta held a press conference outside the Richmond County Courthouse in defense of life. Last April, Steven James Murray murdered the Saint Augustine priest Father Rene Robert and dumped the body near Waynesboro, Georgia.  Prosecutors [Read More…]

Sacred Place on the Coast of Georgia: The Blood of Martyrs

Twelve palm trees mark the location of Georgia’s first church, a mission dedicated to Saint Catherine.   Destroyed in the late 1600s by fire, the mission was run by Spanish Franciscan friars who first arrived to Saint Catherines Island, Georgia, in the 1590s.  Located on an island still only accessible by boat fifty miles south of [Read More…]

Epiphany: An Encounter with God

I once heard a story about a parish priest who climbed up the church’s steeple to be closer to God.  He thought that by spending time up there, he would hear God’s word more easily and then pass it on to his parishioners. But the more time he spent up there, the further from God [Read More…]