Lázaro, ven fuera! Pensamientos de la resurrección

En su camino a Jerusalén para celebrar la Pascua por última vez antes de su muerte, Jesús se detuvo en el pequeño pueblo de Betania a unos tres kilómetros al este de Jerusalén para visitar a su buen amigo Lázaro y sus hermanas Marta y María. Jesús encontró a su amigo Lázaro muerto. Lloró desconsolado, [Read More…]

Lazarus come out! A thought on the resurrection

On his way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover for one last time before his death, Jesus stopped at the small town of Bethany two miles east of Jerusalem to visit his good friend Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary. Jesus found his friend Lazarus dead.  He wept, but immediately went to the tomb [Read More…]

Gospel comes Alive: Living Stations in South Carolina

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend the living stations of the cross at Saint Gregory the Great Parish in Bluffton, South Carolina.  This is the neighboring parish to the north of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Savannah. This is the eighth year that the Hispanic community at Saint Gregory organizes [Read More…]

Homily from Egypt: A message to those who kill us

The Monday after the tragic bombings in Tanto and Cairo, Egypt, Father Boules George of Saint Mark Church in Cairo delivered a powerful sermon where he directly addressed those who killed the innocent men, women, and children during the Palm Sunday liturgies. The blog Coptic Dad & Mom has published a transcript of the moving [Read More…]

Holy Thursday: Come let us Adore

For generations throughout the centuries Jewish families have gathered to commemorate the night when God freed them from slavery under pharaoh in Egypt and led them into freedom. They were freed by the blood of the lamb they sacrificed and whose blood they sprinkled on their doorposts. God ordered the Israelites to keep this memorial [Read More…]

CUA offers new Master’s Degree in Ecclesial Administration and Management for Priests

The Busch School of Business and Economics of the Catholic University of America will offer a Masters in Ecclesial Administration and Management for Catholic clergy starting this fall.  With this degree, the Busch School of Business will fulfill a great need in the Church today: the need for priests to develop effective and efficient leadership [Read More…]

Church in Egypt enters into Holy Week with death, hope of resurrection

During Holy Week we once again hear the stories we all know so well: the entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the betrayal, the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion on Calvary, the tomb, and finally the Resurrection. Every Christian already knows the story.  Every Christian is actually able to tell the story.  Yet every [Read More…]

Lugar verdadero del bautismo de Jesus

Cuando Santa María de Egipto ingresó a la Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro en Jerusalén a mediados del siglo quinto, escuchó la voz de la Virgen María invitándola a cruzar el Rio Jordán para allí encontrar la paz.  Sabemos que la santa cruzó el rio y fue bautizada en el Monasterio de San Juan Bautista.  ¿Dónde [Read More…]

The real place where Jesus was baptized

When Saint Mary of Egypt entered the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the mid-400s, she heard the voice of the Virgin Mary tell her to travel beyond the River Jordan and that there she would find peace.  We know she crossed the river and was baptized at the Monastery of Saint John the Baptist. [Read More…]

Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt

Today I had the opportunity to concelebrate the morning liturgy at Saint Ignatios of Antioch Melkite Catholic Church in Augusta.  Father Michael Hull invited me to preach.  It was very special, mostly since it was at that church many years ago that I had a deepening awareness of the true presence of Christ in the [Read More…]