Slavery — Not Without Some Benefits?

You can buy this wonderfully blasphemous book here!   Mohamed Ibrahm over at MoCartoons created this little nugget I thought I’d share with you all. It’s called The up-side to slavery. Enjoy! There are jokes that are subtle and jokes that aren’t subtle. This comic is as subtle as the Bible is about slavery. We all know Jesus never anything against slavery. But what does The Book of Colossians say? Let’s take a look at Colossians 3: 22-25: 22Slaves, obey your earthly… Read more

3 Jokes Of Wednesday’s Wisdom

One of the many things I do that irritate my girlfriend is when I use the “quick wash” setting on the washer machine. My clothes get done in 15 minutes! And when you’re leading a high powered life of watching Netflix and porn that’s a big time saver. I reassure her I use soap, but that doesn’t really help. (Sometimes I lie about using soap.) Enjoy the 3!   Read more

God Interviews George Lucas (And A Star Wars Review!)

    The Almighty sits down and chats with George Lucas. It shouldn’t be a surprise that George and God don’t see eye to eye on Star Wars. Take a look and then we’ll gander at a review of the new Star Wars movie. Good God! with God & Special Guest George Lucas from Good God! with God I woke up this morning and learned two important things: Roger Moore lost the election in Alabama; The Last Jedi probably doesn’t… Read more

Roy Moore Jokes

Just for you — Roy Moore jokes from Twitter! Roy Moore lost the election last night? The new Star Wars movie is getting good reviews? I’m getting all these feelings that are so unfamiliar. Is… is this happiness? Is there hope? What do you have to say Star Wars oracle? “The darkness rises up… and the light to meet it.” – Snoke Seems appropriate. Here are some of the funniest quips by the White Hats regarding the Black Hat lost… Read more

3 Jokes For Roy Moore

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and if you’re in Alabama I hope to my fictitious God you’re voting against Roy Moore. That weird Old Testament pervert Abraham endorsed the guy. That alone should make you wonder about candidate Moore’s worthiness for the position. Let’s forget politics for a little while and enjoy the 3! Read more

The Patriarch Abraham Endorses Roy Moore For Senate

  The Old Testament prophet Abraham appeared today at a rally for Roy Moore and gave his unfettered support for the candidate. The Roy Moore for Senate Meat Raffle was being held at the Chik-fil-A Sky Dome in  the city of Mobile. Even if the patriarch wasn’t at the meaty rally the event was destined to be historical. It was to be the largest meat raffle in history and definitely the biggest one ever to support a pedophile for public… Read more

Liberal Redneck’s Message About Roy Moore

    Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder has a new video out Liberal Redneck – To Hell with Roy Moore. Check it out, CNN ran an interesting story 5 things to watch in Alabama’s Senate election. And while numbers 1-4 are worth looking at (the low key Democratic push in the state among others) #5 is the most salient. Five is A sign of primary trouble for Republican incumbents?  If Moore wins, then Steve Bannon’s star rises. And that’s good for the Trump insurgency… Read more

3 Jokes On A Sunday

I went to bed late last night because co-host Jack (of the Naked Diner podcast) and I were chatting with Phil Fergusson. You may know Phil from the Phil Fergusson podcast. He ran the Skeptic Money blog for years. We talked a lot about tulips, Bitcoin, and investing. We could’ve talked for hours. However, the Diner is an hour show. That 60-minute restriction keeps us from going into the weeds too much. Phil’s episode will be out Monday next week…. Read more

An Atheist Reads Genesis Chapter 36

Here I am reading through Genesis 36! It’s a begat chapter and that means more fun than can bleed out of your eyes! And since there’s a lot of names you get to watch me make funny faces and butcher the language like a slasher movie. Enjoy! What? Do you want to read along? Well, here’s the text to Genesis 36. Esau’s Descendants 36 This is the account of the family line of Esau (that is, Edom). 2 Esau took his wives from the women… Read more

Jesus Says He Is Stepping Down After Disciple Accuses Him Of Inappropriate Conduct

  As some of you may know every once in a while I get an email from a reader who wants to contribute to the craziness here on Laughing in Disbelief. Here is a funny story by Dan R. Frazier. He’s a former journalist who now sells political bumper stickers (including atheist stickers) on his Web site,  Dan’s tale is a funny reflection of what’s going on in today’s America.  Enjoy!   At a press conference held yesterday in the… Read more

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