For those of us with a sense of history, we know the Irish were second class citizens here in the States for a period of time. English mismanagement of the island (OK, mismanagement may be too tame a word for The Great Famine) fueled the Irish surge to the New World. They were not welcome here. You may say That was then. This is now. How is that relevant?  I live in the Boston area. There are many fellow Bay… Read more

  Atlanta, Georgia – The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) medical team treating the United States of America are hoping the midterm elections kill the Trump virus that is killing their patient. Friends and family of the USA celebrated the recent election of Democratic politician Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. The Trump virus won the district by 20 points in 2016. Connor’s victory may be a sign the body politic’s natural defenses are killing the Trump infection. The USA… Read more

It’s God’s Fault We Lost The Game is the newest from the team at College Humor. Check it out. God. He has His March Madness brackets filled out. And woe be the team(s) who is not righteous! Perhaps a team should try to sabotage their adversary’s standing with the LORD? Maaaaybe it’s possible to trick their star player into cursing the Holy Spirit? Then the offender would go to Hell and you’d win the big game. It’d be a double-plus… Read more

  Washington DC – President Trump is getting his military parade next fall, but it will be the Russian army marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. Anonymous White House officials report they were in the dark on this strange decision by the commander-in-chief. “One minute we’re talking about Scott Baio being the new Secretary of State. The next minute he’s saying he’s going to love watching Vladimir Putin ride in an armored personnel carrier on Veteran’s Day,” stated a source. Critics of the… Read more

FOX News has escaped a lot of my satirical commentary. I apologize for that oversight. This morning’s Poe Richard Spencer Joins Fox & Friends hopefully made up for it. I’ll tell you one thing that’s scaring me and it’s Lawrence Kudlow. He’s Trump’s new economic advisor. I’ve see Kudlow a bunch of times chat on TV and he does not inspire confidence. I may have to move up my prediction on how soon the Republicans are going to ruin the… Read more

Columbia, South Carolina – Governor Andrew Canard issued an executive order closing the state’s borders to residents of Massachusetts. The order is a response to Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey introducing gun legislation that would make America more like Massachusetts.”South Carolina is doing fine without gunless visitors from the Bay State,” declared Governor Canard. “Massachusetts has nothing to teach us about our firearms.” Massachusetts And Gun Control While red states are stained with the blood of victims of gun violence, Massachusetts boasts the… Read more

  Alt-right activist Richard Spencer is joining the weekend team at the hit news show Fox & Friends. This comes on the heels of President Trump hiring Fox & Friends weekend host Pete Hegseth to head the Department Of Veterans’ Affairs. Mr. Spencer is currently the president of the white supremacist think tank National Policy Institute (NPI). Executives at FOX News weren’t sure at first if Mr. Spencer could juggle the responsibilities of spewing alt-right propaganda on Fox & Friends… Read more

  Washington DC – Actor and Trump supporter Scott Baio is the new Secretary of State. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired on Tuesday. CIA chief Mike Pompeo was hired as the new Secretary only to be fired the same day. “Scott Baio called, and asked if he could have the job. When Scott Baio asks for something you do it,” reports an anonymous White House source. President Trump went to Twitter to announce the newest hiring. Former… Read more

Brookline, MA The city council recently voted in a statute that will require Catholic priests and registered Republicans to use a bathroom specifically designated for them. This predominantly liberal and Jewish enclave that abuts Boston is the first municipality in the country to officially state Stop the insanity about which public toilet transgendered people must use. “We were reminiscing about how Danny Hastert, the Republican, who was House Speaker for years, diverted funds to pay off children who he sexually exploited… Read more

Black Panther New Scene – SNL is a funny look at family through the lense of the movie Black Panther. Take a gander. I recently penned two Poes about Black Panther. The first is, White Nationalists To Shoot Black Panther With All-White Cast. Here’s a taste: The Birth of a White Black Panther The idea of taking a shot at reshooting the movie started out as a joke in various alt-right online forums found on 4Chan, High School Dropout, and My… Read more

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