An Atheist Reads The Bible – Genesis 1 (w/Remix)

 I talk a lot of smack about the Bible. However, I'd be a fool to say one shouldn't be literate in that crazy book. It's difficult to understand Western literature and history without a grasp on it. That being the case, I'm reading the good book and making videos of my journey.Before you are two videos. The first is me simply reading through Genesis 1. The first runs seven minutes while the other one is under four. Both have visual effects. The latter has some music added into the … [Read More...]

3 Crazy Jokes

I'm becoming fixated on all the weird news the BBC finds. I don't even feel guilty about it because when I read the stories, I do it in Richard Dawkins' voice. It classes everything up.I just finished reading a true story about a mother who created the BubbleBum, an inflatable booster seat for parents on the go. It's a brilliant idea. When you have kids you want all of their necessities as portable as possible.Enjoy the 3! … [Read More...]

Sexy Women Beg For Healthcare

There's a lot of stuff here on Laughing in Disbelief (LiD) that you won't see on any other Patheos blog. Sexy Women Begging for Healthcare is one of those nuggets. There's a little cursing so this is probably not safe for work.Enjoy.Sexy Women Beg For Healthcare from Funny Or Die  Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Parents In Georgia Sue State To Call Daughter Allah (Real News)

 Oh, this story is so real it has its own BBC News article US parents sue to call baby girl Allah. However odd this tale is, it doesn't quite match the real news story I posted the other day Weird News – Naked Demonstrators Kill Sheep At Auschwitz. Enough with the appetizer, there's a meal of crazy to be had. This story takes place in the state of Georgia. The state Department of Public Health has refused to issue the 22-month-old with a birth certificate.Elizabeth Handy and Bil … [Read More...]

3 Make Monday Stop Jokes

I was a guest on The World of Ro podcast the other day. The episode isn't up yet, and I'll let you all know when it is.I saw Jim Norton's Netflix stand-up special the other day. It was OK. The thing is Dave Chappelle's two Netflix specials are so good they make everything else seem meh!I will say, Jim Norton has made me reconsider the idea of dating trans women. That alone made it worth watching.Enjoy the 3. … [Read More...]

Naked Diner Podcast Ep. 63: Travis LaSaffre Of The Satanic Temple

 The Naked Diner podcast is back!Travis LaSaffre is the Chapter Head of  Boston's very own The Satanic Temple. Co-host Jack Matirko and I had a lot of fun sitting down and talking about Mentruatin' with Satan and the upcoming  Virtual Run for Reproductive Rights.We also talk about how an atheist religion can be a thing and getting harassed by the media.Take a listen!Here's the episode on YouTube.You can find Naked Diner on Stitcher, Google play, and iTu … [Read More...]

Churches Tell Millennials God Isn’t “Ghosting” Them

Recent polls show Millennials are by and large nonreligious. Churches have taken notice of the trend and are starting Yo! The Holy Ghost Ain't Ghosting You campaign. Ministers, Reverends, and other concerned clergy realize young adults face many challenges in today's world. President Trump came close to gutting the American healthcare system. The Supreme Court will likely be insane for another generation. Well paying jobs are disappearing only to replaced by $10 an hour Mc-work. Added to all … [Read More...]

New Rule: Trump And The Long Con

New Rule: Trump and the Long Con | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) is a fun 6-minute analysis of President Trump's winning strategy. Of course, that winning strategy seems to be limited to winning the last election, but let's see what Mr. Maher says.There was one line in that video that made be wince because it was so hacky. It was the  "You don't even get a used car, but you get taken for a ride." That line is far less creative than Hillary Clinton's "Trumped up Trickle down" bit she t … [Read More...]

Dennis Prager vs Christopher Hitchens

If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong - Christopher Hitchens responds from the grave  is the newest video from Holy Koolaid.It's an interesting video. Dennis Prager's arguments are taken apart by splices of Christopher Hitchens infamous Hitchslaps.Enjoy.In the last 24 hours I've had a few conversations about racism and human aggression. In both cases I mentioned our close relatives, chimpanzees. As many of you already know, groups of male chimps kill other males who aren't part … [Read More...]

Flat Earth Planetarium Opens In Texas

Brownsville, Texas - A planetarium celebrating the flat Earth-centered m0del of the universe opened last week in this coastal city of 175,000. Named The Alternative Planetary Center of Discovery (TAPCD) the main viewing chamber is reported to sit hundreds. In The Beginning... One year ago the TAPCD was only a dream in Minister Ezekiel Longstreet's mind. At the time he was the humble leader of the local megachurch, Stone Zeppelin Baptist Ministries. Minister Longstreet reports he was making his … [Read More...]