3 Jokes To Crush Monday

I have two things to say.First, I plan to change my last name to Canard if I ever make enough money off the internet to quit my jobs.  (Here's an unrelated link to my Patreon account.)Two, I read in the Boston Globe today that the Libra Foundation is buying up vast chunks of Monson, Maine. Their goal is to save the town by making it an artist community. Maybe I'll move there. Probably not.Enjoy the 3! … [Read More...]

How Do We Find Asteroids? – The Planetary Society

 How Do We Find Asteroids? and How Do We Know If An Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth? are the first two videos of a five video series by the Planetary Society about protecting our planet from the horrors of space rocks.Check them out! Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Fundamentalist Minister Fired After His Duck Changes Sex

Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas - Reverend Andrew Canard was fired last Friday from Stone Boat Baptist Church due to his pet duck changing sex from female to male. The congregation of 75 unanimously voted to oust the man of God whose duck became a pawn of the "liberal transgendered-industrial complex."Reverend Canard grew up in this small town in central Arkansas. After graduating from the Theological Institute of Technology (T.I.T.) he returned and took over the reigns of the community's sole c … [Read More...]

Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

 Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics) is the latest video from Thomas Westbrook over at Holy Koolaid.  Not only is it a rant, but he has a few funny lines in there, too.Check it out!Did you know Thomas Westbrook was on the Naked Diner podcast? Check out the episode here! Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Riots Erupt Over Mel Brooks’ ‘The Producers’

 Lenox, MA - Lenox, Massachusetts is home to a thriving summer theater community. Every year New Yorkers and Bostonians sign an uneasy truce and journey here to enjoy plays from Shakespeare, Chekov, and many others. However, the organizers of this year's schedule did not expect riots when they planned to put on Mel Brooks'  The Producers.Andrew Canard is in charge of the summer theater series. He is still reeling from the recent burst of violence: The board of directors and I de … [Read More...]

5 Famous Comedians On God

It's Saturday morning and I'm getting my podcast pants on (getting ready to interview). Here's an old post resurrected!This isn't my list but these 5 comics are top level professionals.Take a gander.Here's a joke that I came up with today...(I know, putting my own material after these guys is crazy, but I do crazy here.) This is a true story. #joke #atheistandproud #atheist #godless #atheism A video posted by Andrew (@atheist_fun_salad) on Mar 16, 2016 at … [Read More...]

3 Friday Friday Jokes

It's my birthday next week. I'm not really planning to do a whole lot for the august occasion. When I turned 41 I did a pub crawl in Cambridge, MA with a bunch of friends. We stopped off at in Harvard Sq for a movie and then continued drinking until we hit Ryles, a jazz club in Inman Sq.I don't feel the need for something that epic. Maybe next year when I hit the big 5-0.Enjoy the 3!  … [Read More...]

Trevor Noah Talks GOP Insurance Bill And Trump

 I think there are some people who stumble on Trevor Noah running schtick on The Daily Show and are confused with the guy's accent. One of my old bosses was a black woman who immigrated to America from London. Watching people respond to her was priceless.OK, let's get to the clip Whatever Trump Is Selling, His People Are Buying: The Daily Show.Enjoy.  Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Mississippi Orders Businesses To Tithe

 Jackson Mississippi - On Thursday the state legislature passed what's come to be known as The Corporate Personhood Tithing Act. Mississippi Governor James Longstreet signed the bill immediately into law. The new regulation demands businesses to tithe 10% of their income to any of the approved evangelical churches. Business Tithing Explained Governor Longstreet and select legislators held a press conference to celebrate the dawning of a new age. The governor praised their success: We … [Read More...]

3 Jokes Of Fried Goodness

I find comedy therapeutic. I'm sitting in a coffee shop and this jackass bumps into me. Mind you I moved my table a bit away from the jackass because I recognized said person to be a jackass before any jackassery occurred.The thing is I didn't even say anything because I was busy at one of the jokes in today's 3.It's a miracle!Enjoy! … [Read More...]