Andy Hall And Jack Matirko On The World Of Ro Podcast

Co-host Jack and I  were guests on the World of Ro podcast and that episode is out today! The three of us talk immigration, movies, George Will, and scared white people.I'm going to honest with you all, we recorded this right after finishing the Naked Diner episode where Ro was our guest, and I was still a little drunk. Maybe I'm a little more ranty than usual. Maybe I'm coming down from my high. Maybe I got Ro to have a bit of the drink on this podcast because I love being a bad influence … [Read More...]

You’re Frakin’ High

You're F*ckin' High is from Funny or Die. It's a pleasant jaunt where different generations get together and reflect on what it's like to be alive. Parents get to talk about halcyon days while their daughter expresses the vibrancy of being young in America right here right now.You're F*ckin' High is Shakespearean in scope.Enjoy it. Revel in its majesty. Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Evangelicals Happy With New Trump ‘666’ Tattoo

Evangelical Christians who love Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump are universally excited about the Trump Brand 666 Barcode Tattoo the campaign now requires for staff and supporters. The Trump camp unveiled the hot new trend in body art late last week at a Hollywood function, and since then it's been impossible for the specially trained tattoo artists to keep up with the number of Christians who want to show their Trump love."It's been crazy around here over the last few da … [Read More...]

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Epic Rap Battles of History

This is probably the funniest thing you'll see all day. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History takes its place in the heavens as one of the funniest pieces this horrible election cycle has produced.Check it out! Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

3 Musketeers Of Hilarity

Today's 3 features Jesus and Mo, the newest from DarkMatter2525, and a prank. That should keep your midafternoon fun and free from existential despair.Don't hold me to that.Enjoy the 3! … [Read More...]

Liberal Redneck – An Appeal to Sanity

Liberal Redneck - An Appeal to Sanity is Trae Crowder's newest video. And it's funny as hell. However, something resonated with me deeply. It was the No one gives a shit about you (paraphrasing) line he directed to other rednecks. There is some measure of truth to that, my friends. I can only speak from my experience, but us Boston types can easily treat people in the South as caricatures and not as real people.Enough of this reflecting on thoughts and feeling feelings shit.Enjoy the … [Read More...]

Dusty Smith And The Alt-Right Taking Over The Skeptic Community

 "Hate is really the religion of the Internet." - Dusty SmithHmmm... I'm not going to argue with that, Mr. Smith. We may not agree with everything, but that little nugget, yeah, I'm on board with.Other points of this video How The Alt-Right Took Over The Skeptic Community I can get behind"Attacking social justice warriors and feminists have become the new gold rush on the Internet..." 1:56 "This dude actually wants to start a fucking theocracy! Are social justice warriors … [Read More...]

3 Flying Tigers Of Fun

Believe it or not,  I'm a warm person. My skin is warm to the touch, and it's one of the reasons I think my chronically cold girlfriend is with me. I was walking into the supermarket the other day and it struck me Perhaps my good circulation is the reason why my penis operates as well as it does. Don't get me wrong, I'm not parting the Red Sea with it,  but I haven't needed to buy Viagra even though my daughter has told me I look like that guy from the commercial.Enjoy today's 3! … [Read More...]

Silent Night – Short Video

I'm feeling particularly narcissistic today, so I'm posting an old (is 2009 old?) video I wrote/directed, Silent Night.If you heard my chat with Brian Dalton, aka Mr. Deity, on the podcast, then you heard me praise him for making funny videos on the cheap (limited sets, limited characters = low expenses). Silent Night was filmed in 4 hours. It was shot in the early in the morning, and we had to crank everything out before the toy store opened for business. One of the reasons I decided to do … [Read More...]

Genies Enlisted To Fight Evolution In Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The mutaween (religious police) for the oil-rich theocracy announced that genies (djinn) are being enlisted in the fight against the Theory of Evolution both at home and abroad. While the idea that contemporary animals and plants developed from earlier ones are accepted in the West (exceptions: Kentucky, Mississippi, and Duck Dynasty Kingdom), Allah-based creationism is the law of the land for some Islamic countries. This epiphany of epiphanies is summed up by a Saudi … [Read More...]