Jonathan Pie – Trump, Bannon, And Theresa May

  Over to Westminster is Jonathan Pie’s newest video. If you’re a fan of Pie, you won’t be disappointed. He rants about the topic of the day, Nazis and mentions how UK’s Prime Minister took a tough stand against Trump’s pro-white supremacist statements. Oh, yes, Pie touches upon Steve Bannon’s ouster and how we shouldn’t be throwing a big party for the event. Steve Bannon will be here for a long time unless the appple fritters get to him first. I… Read more

White Supremacist Learns To ‘Hate The Jew But Love The Jesus’

  Little Bend, Tennessee – In the middle of the Daughters of the Confederacy potluck dinner, white nationalist Josiah Reynolds had an epiphany. It’s OK to hate the Jew in Jesus while still loving the Christ. It was Mrs. Emma Antebellum’s green bean casserole that assisted the emergence of this revelation. The 33-year-old pipe fitter loves the creamy beaniness of the dish but hates the unwholesome crispiness of the fried onions that form its top.  Mr. Reynolds was willing to spend… Read more

3 Jokes For Bananas Foster

Alright, last story about protesting Nazis in Boston. I have tips for making a sign. Spend time thinking what’s going on the sign; Get one of those presentation boards kids use for science fairs. They’re all carboardy; Buy super glue; Separate the three segments; Glue the 2 smaller segments to the back. Now you have a two sided sign! The super glue held it all together really well. The back to my sign read 150 years ago you were protesting Irish… Read more

CRACKED Takes On White Supremacy And Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s White Supremacist Problem Is Deeper Than You Think – SOME NEWS is the latest from the team at CRACKED.  I don’t think it’s possible to be ignorant about the fact Trump is a white supremacist. I mean, you can be willfully ignorant but not simply ignorant.  For those of you hankering for a comical 360-degree view of Trump’s white supremacy here’s the video. Maine’s Governor LePage is a wacky guy. He defends keeping up Confederate monuments with these… Read more

Manspreading Statue Controversy In Boston

  Boston, MA – Amid the recent display of anti-Nazi pride against the so-called Free Speech rally, Boston is wrestling with another lesser-known controversy. The statue of Andrew Canard III sits in Commonwealth Park just a short walk from Boston Commons where Nazi sympathizers were drowned out by protesters. The issue many have with Canard’s monument is that the artist depicted the great philanthropist manspreading. Manpreading? Manspreading is the practice when a man’s genitalia demands he takes up more than… Read more

Prophet Of Doom And Andy’s Follies.

  Here’s the newest episode of Andy Hall, Prophet of Doom.  Be warned, there is cursing. (I know you’re surprised.) Here’s what I wrote on YouTube about the bit: Here is another ranting episode of Prophet of Doom. I talk about the craziness on the India-China border. Also, I rant on how American Catholics are fooling themselves with thinking Protestants will accept them if a white ethno-state ever takes shape. And lastly, I talk about Scott Adams (Dilbert). You may… Read more

3 Jokes For The Reichstag

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m prepping for the weekend. What I find amazing is when I say something like “I know I said I’d be hanging with you on Saturday but, I’m protesting Nazis,” the other person gets mad at me. It’s Nazis.  The other person isn’t a Nazi. I’m not one to cancel. This is a special situation.  So, I don’t think the other person can kvetch. Because it’s Nazis. Enjoy the 3! Read more

Tina Fey On Protesting Post Charlottesville

I’ve written Tina Fey a number of times asking her if I could bear her love child. Every single time her lawyer writes me a cease and desist letter. I have a nice collection. They’re all framed around my shrine to her. I’m glad I got that off my chest. Tina hasn’t been on my radar lately. For a while, I nursed an unwholesome relationship with those credit card commercials she starred in. I can’t tell you which credit card she… Read more

Jesus Christ Isn’t Your Facebook Friend

  Heaven – Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and Lamb of God is telling friends, family, and fans that he maxed out the number of friends he can have on Facebook. Jesus wanted to let everyone know if he could finagle more friends, then he would: People keep sending me friend requests and it’s just not possible for me to accept them. It’s not like I haven’t tried to get more than 5,000 friends. Facebook doesn’t allow that rule to be broken. Ever…. Read more

3 Jokes For Pickle Rick!

Do you know Pickle Rick? If you’ve been watching the new season of Rick and Morty you do. In totally unrelated news, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to wear at the protest against Nazi thing I’m going to on Saturday. The problem is that I look like a Nazi. I’m tall and as white as the virgin snow. After watching the first 3 episodes of Season 3, I decided I’m wearing my Rick and Morty shirt. I don’t think… Read more

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