Conservative Christian Gets Her Own Post

Here's a Christian who retweeted one of my Poes. If there is only one lesson to be learned from Laughing in Disbelief it's to read the whole post and click the links. Jonathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal For preventing the Children of Poor People From being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and For making them Beneficial to the Publick in 1729. It's been out for a few centuries so I think it's OK to reveal a spoiler: The writer advocates the selling of poor Irish children. Said children … [Read More...]

Waiting For Their Evangelical Friend To Come Out Of The Closet

Brewster County, Texas - Friends of Jonathan Carney are growing increasingly concerned that the 19-year-old mailman may never admit that he is gay. Brewster County is a place where everyone knows your name and friendships that were made in elementary school last a lifetime. And that is exactly why Johnathan Carney's friends meet weekly to discuss the troubling condition many see daily."I thought he'd come out in high school like Jimmy Moran did," stated best friend Andrew Canard. "I … [Read More...]

What “Muslim Privilege” Looks Like

  What “Muslim Privilege” looks like is the latest comic by Mohamed Ibrahim over at MoCartoons. Check it out.Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief … [Read More...]

Ivanka Trump Decides To Discipline President With A Spray Bottle

  Washington DC - Leaks within the Trump administration reveal Ivanka Trump is regularly spraying her dad with water whenever he misbehaves. She is hoping the watery attacks will keep him off the table and stop the President from spraying his nonsense all over the place. The Inspiration Ms. Tump's decision to spray bottle the 45th President of the United States was a remarkably easy one to make sources state. After learning Dad gave secret information to the Russians … [Read More...]

3 Midweek Jokes

So, that's my latest meme. It has a rugged quality that only the cartoon filter on my photo editing software can give. The building where I live has a lot of exposed brick in its interior. It was built in 1927 and was originally a factory. It got remodeled in 2007 just in time for the real estate bubble to burst. I moved in a little over a year ago.It's a nice building. As an extra perk, there are so many people of color here white folk from the suburbs just assume I'm a badass.Enjoy the … [Read More...]

Yahweh’s Amazing Test

 Yahweh's Amazing Test (Abraham, Genesis 22) is a wonderful little romp through part of the Old Testament. And, yes, that is Abraham in the picture above.Enjoy!   Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief  … [Read More...]

Local Atheist Takes Time To Explain A Nazi Joke To Kids

 A local atheist realizes even when he's shooting off his mouth in front of his own kids it can be turned into a teachable moment. The incident occurred while walking through a parking lot. After passing by another family the local atheist muttered out loud, "That kid looks like he's about to invade Poland."That off the cuff comment initiated a series of questions from his two children.First, he had to explain the geopolitical realities of Poland in 1939. Poland had a crazed … [Read More...]

Andy’s Follies #3 – Working Out At The Gym

I posted my 3 in a series of punk comics. I'm calling Andy's Follies punk because I can't play an instrument and I can't draw.Here what I wrote about this bit on the Andy's Follies site. Reasons why I work out:Listen to podcasts. Avoid "real" work. I like to take my body-shame out for a walk.Looking at me you wouldn't think I'm incredibly overweight. However, my doctor knows the sordid truth. He's a good guy. He likes to cross the t's and dot the i's. So much so that after my … [Read More...]

3 Jokes Plus Special Sauce

 I'm not joking about the special sauce. The tangy condiment is a really funny take on Jehovah's Witnesses on the next slide. I was thinking about scrapping the 3 altogether today and just featuring that video. It's that funny. But then I thought some of you may not share my odd sense of humor.Enjoy today's 3! … [Read More...]

Creationist Cosmos

Creationist Cosmos first came out in 2014 and it has aged well. There's no Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson in the video. However, someone else is -- GOD.Enjoy this wacky romp through the universe.Creationist Cosmos from Funny Or Die  Stay in touch! Like Laughing in Disbelief on Facebook:Laughing in Disbelief  … [Read More...]