3 Unexpected Jokes


My son is reading Animal Farm in English class and going over the early years of the Roman Empire (Augustus and that lot) in History. It just so happened he mentioned this just as the third cup of coffee hit the mainline of my central nervous system. I launched into a monologue of the original Man of Steel (Papa Joe Stalin), what happens when republican governments cease functioning (the rise of the strong man (Trump)), and related topics like the Czech Legion, the Russo-Japanese War, etc. It was one of my better monologues. Fun times!

Here’s the 3.

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"At the rate the industry is walking away from plants and leaing "stranded" high-level waste ..."

John Oliver Takes On Nuclear Waste
"Aren't the least religious countries considered the happiest?"

Iceland Bans American Televangelists
""This bomb made with 40% post-consumer recycled content""

John Oliver Takes On Nuclear Waste
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