An Atheist Reads The Bible: Genesis 23-24 (Weird Oedipal Stuff)

Genesis 23-24 thumbnail
I’m researching funny faces to deal with reading Genesis.

In this video, I am reading through chapters 23&24 in the Book of Genesis.

In chapter 23 we say goodbye to Sarah, Abrahams wife and half-sister. I guess she won’t be bullying any more of her husband’s sex slaves (see the last video). Abraham buys a burial lot and haggles with a local.

Chapter 24 sees Abraham needing to get a wife for his son Isaac. He sends a servant away back to the land from where he came. Abraham doesn’t want his boy interbreeding with Canaanites (racism much?).

The servant brings camels and treasure in the quest to find Isaac a wife. Lucky for him God gives him a sign when a woman offers to water his camels.

The servant spreads the wealth around at her family’s place and Rebeka heads off to meet up with her soon to be husband. When she sees him from afar, she decides to veil her face. Because female modesty goes along with being treated like chattel.

The chapter ends with Isaac bringing her into the tent of his mother’s. (Ick!) The two get married and all is well.



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