Andy’s Follies #8 – Invisible (?) Disability

Andy's Follies #8

Here is the latest Andy’s Follies comic — Andy’s Follies #8 – Invisible Disability.

Let’s see what the creator (me!) had to say about it.

The above comic is based on a true story. There have been a few times someone close by shoots his or her mouth off and they shoot it towards me. Now, I like to think I have a bullshit free zone around my person. Not being an unreasonable person, I recognize there is no way I can stop 100% of incoming bullshit.

However —

I can create disincentives.

These disincentives can be any one of my “You’re an idiot” facial expressions. Or it can be a snarky comment with a peer reviewed study cited weaved in there. Other times I just tell the truth. It’s simple and straight and forward.

And then I wait to see what the person does.

100% of the time the other person shuts up. (Note: Past performance does not predict future performance.) I’ve never gotten an apology. That’s OK by me (kinda sorta) because I achieved two things: 1. The incoming bullshit was stopped in its tracks; 2. The other person may think before shooting their mouth off in the future.


You can see the other comics here.


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