3 Jokes To Make Monday Go Away


It’s Monday morning as I write this. It hasn’t been a bad morning in terms of how Mondays go. I wrote a bit of funny about a fictitious atheist converting to Christianity because he was asked: “What if you’re wrong?”¬†

I completely unrelated news I bought a new pillow. If you wear a full CPAP face mask to sleep you understand normal pillows can rub up and push against the mask. The foam pillow I bought (Contour Products CPAPMax Adjustable Memory Foam CPAP Pillow) ¬†from Amazon has cut outs that allow space for the mask to do its job without interference. I’ve slept with it for 2 nights now and it’s incredible.

Enough about me.

Let’s get on with the 3!

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Science-Based Science Outlawed At The CDC

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