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The Topsy Turvy Titillating Tale of Holy Koolaid is the latest video from Thomas Westbrook over at the Holy Koolaid YouTube channel. Here is what he has to say about this video.

Thomas Westbrook here with the backstory of Holy Koolaid. Want to know my history/deconversion story, how I became an atheist, and why I became a secular activist? This is the story of how I fell in love with science and went from a Christian to an ex-Christian atheist promoting free-thought and fighting against cult-like manipulation tactics used by authoritarian governments, abusive partners, and religious organizations. Questions, free thought, and curiosity help us inoculate ourselves against abusive control tactics. Thanks for joining me in my quest for truth. I looking forward to seeing you around. 🙂

He has a great story.

Check out the video!

Have you listened to the chat co-host Jack and I had with Thomas when he visited the Naked Diner? You should. We had a good hour conversation about the topics Thomas talked about in the above video.

If you listen to the Naked Diner, you’ll notice I don’t talk a whole lot while doing interviews. I prepare quite a bit and offer questions that give our guest an opportunity to unload. This means I don’t tell a lot of my own story.

One of the things Thomas and I have in common is experiencing cult-like romantic relationships. (*I attribute my personality quirk to my mum who had Borderline Personality Disorder.)  Many years ago I had a girlfriend who was into The Forum. The Forum is what Erhard Seminar Training (EST) evolved into. EST was born in the 1970s by Werner Erhard. It offered expensive weekend packages where attendees attended classes to make them a better transformational person who would be happy to give more money to EST. One of the hallmark characteristics of those classes was the teacher told you when you could use the bathroom. That’s right; they were pee and poo fascists.

I was in love and wanted to give The Forum a good faith shot at proving itself. I went to a graduation ceremony with her and a few of my own friends. Those of us who weren’t already brainwashed were separated from the true believers and given a sales pitch. The salesman asked me how could I expect to stay with her if I didn’t join up?

Well, he was right. I didn’t join and a few months later she dumped me after taking a Sex and Relationships course at The Forum.

That, Disbelievers, is a 100% true story.

I’m so glad I was so cheap and refused to spend the money on the full weekend course.

Otherwise, it’s possible I’d be spreading toxic foolishness on some other Patheos channel.

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