What? The Thirteenth Doctor Is A Chick?


Dr Who

Jodie Whittaker will be playing the 13th Doctor.

Truth be told I hate the idea Jodie Whittaker is going to be the next Doctor. I grew up on the 4th (the best) incarnation of the Doctor, who was played by that scarf mongering Tom Baker.

And here is why my theory that geekdom is a mild form of autism is true.

Dr. Who, the BBC television show depicts a time traveling alien named the Doctor, has a legion of die hard fans. Die hard fans =  Geeks. Now that the word “geek” is respectable saying there are legions of Dr. Who geeks isn’t controversial. However, geeks who are interested in different shows can’t communicate with each other in meaningful ways.

Have you ever watched a Star Trek vs Star Wars geek debate? It’s almost as if each side wants to declare war on each other.

On the other hand, perhaps geekdom is more like religion.

But I digress.

No one but Tom Baker is going to be Dr. Who for me. Certainly not that Peter Davison fellow who was the 5th Doctor.

However, I am not suffering an existential crisis that the BBC is ruining my childhood by having the 13th Doctor equipped with lady parts. That can not be said for a lot of people on Twitter yesterday when the BBC released this video.

There were a lot of Twitter users who got bent out of shape about this turn of affairs. And there were people who made fun of such reactions.

I was in the latter category.

Let’s take a gander and see some of the funnier tweets.





My humble contributions were:

Trans Doctors are what killed the British Empire.

Right wing Tories demand the Doctor to use a special TARDIS.


THIS IS WHY ISLAM IS WINNING – Sam Harris responding to Dr. Who being a woman


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