CRACKED Takes On White Supremacy And Donald Trump

Civil War

President Donald Trump’s White Supremacist Problem Is Deeper Than You Think – SOME NEWS is the latest from the team at CRACKED. 

I don’t think it’s possible to be ignorant about the fact Trump is a white supremacist. I mean, you can be willfully ignorant but not simply ignorant. 

For those of you hankering for a comical 360-degree view of Trump’s white supremacy here’s the video.

Maine’s Governor LePage is a wacky guy. He defends keeping up Confederate monuments with these sage words of wisdom.


Governor LePage is mistaken. In this example, the 9/11 monument would be for the jihadists.

I was at the Boston rally against the so-called Free Speech rally (Nazi-lite rally?). I was with the Boston Atheists. Interesting fact there was a rally and a march. I was in the march that went from Roxbury (a section of Boston) to the Commons where the rally was going to be. In theory, I was going to meet up with folks from the Brockton, MA atheists (a group I started years ago).

The funny thing about marches is that they don’t march very fast. By the time I got there the Nazis were gone.

However, what marches don’t have in speed, they make up in chanting.

There was one chant that got to me after a while.

What does Democracy look like?

This is what Democracy looks like!

That’s nice. It’s a sweet sentiment meant to jazz up the crowds. And jazz them up it did.

Can’t we do better?

What does Democracy look like?

Voting in the midterm elections!

Or how about this one?

What does Democracy look like?

End gerrymandering NOW!

 I don’t think my variations are very sexy. People wouldn’t get excited.

I’ll see you at 3 PM for the Daily 3. Maybe I’ll have more stories about the march.


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