John Oliver Takes On Nuclear Waste

John Olver nukes
Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) demonstrates the genius of John Oliver and his team of writers. Nazis may be as toxic as nuclear waste, but fascists are a lot easier to joke about. Nuclear waste doesn’t have the flair of SS uniforms or catchy slogans like blood and soil. It certainly doesn’t have President Trump equating Nazi sympathizers with those protesting them. It’d be like Trump equating the evils of nuclear power with the evils of solar.

It’d be like Trump equating the evils of nuclear power with the “evils” of solar.

He hasn’t done that, right?

Give him time, America.

Give him time.

Americans have become bored with the humdrum threat of nuclear power. Sure, there was that Russian blockbuster hit back in the day. That was then and this is now.

This video is so powerful I’m terrified of nuclear Nazi waste. And I’m laughing in that horror.

Therein lies the craft of Oliver and Company. With a few chuckles sprinkled about and a joke about a doll threading all the way through it, this video is a masterpiece of comedic journalism and story telling. John Oliver educated us and made us laugh at the same time about a really dangerous situation without copping out with an “It’s all going to be alright” at the end of the bit.


I hope you read that funny bit I wrote this morning Iceland Bans American Televangelists. It doesn’t suck.

Maybe I’ll see you at 3 for the daily 3 jokes!


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