President Trump, Panda Bears, And White Nationalists


Trump Defends White Nationalists, President Obama’s Most-Liked Tweet – Monologue is from the Late Night with Seth Meyers team.

First, let’s check out the video before we talk Nazis.

It was a funny video, eh? What I especially liked was that it wasn’t 100% Nazi oriented. I hate to admit it, but my gas tank is full of Nazis. Too many of those guys are bad for comedy because how can you not constantly make fun of them? A funny person can get burned out.

Was Germany like this in the 1920s and 30s. Were people exhausted by National Socialists and their toxic brand of stupid evil? Over breakfast did Nana yell “No more Nazi talk! I’ve had it up to here with poorly thought out arguments, confirmation bias, and horrible-borrible economic theories!

Note: Nana always made up her own words that rhymed with the word just before it.

Even though I may be Nazi-tired many of my creative friends aren’t.

I posted this comic on the Laughing in Disbelief Facebook page by my friend Brian Gordon over at Fowl Language Comics.

Its title is Explaining Things.


And one genius (who got banned) commented: “I thought that was Democrats.”

I’m a positive person. I took that lemon and made some lemonade. The first glass of positivity is that I came up with this line, What a snowflake getting his diaper up his crack.

You know the alt-right are the biggest snowflake babies ever? They’re the ones who are getting the participation trophy for civilization.

The other glass of lemonade was this morning’s Poe, White Supremacist Still A Loser In White Ethno-State.  It was inspired by all the Nazis I’ve had to deal with on Facebook as of late.

Do you have any Nazi stories?

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