Prophet Of Doom And Andy’s Follies.



Here’s the newest episode of Andy Hall, Prophet of Doom.  Be warned, there is cursing. (I know you’re surprised.)

Here’s what I wrote on YouTube about the bit:

Here is another ranting episode of Prophet of Doom. I talk about the craziness on the India-China border. Also, I rant on how American Catholics are fooling themselves with thinking Protestants will accept them if a white ethno-state ever takes shape. And lastly, I talk about Scott Adams (Dilbert). You may not agree with him on many things, but the man knows how to communicate to his fans unpopular ideas. I deconstruct his method.

I noticed I hadn’t posted the latest Andy Follies comics.

Here we go.

andys-follies-14 a

Yes, this is a true story. This Saturday a “Free Speech” rally is being held on Boston Common. These are similar to the tiki torch wielding fascists who feel their biggest regret is not being at the original Nuremberg rally.

I’ve been mistaken for Republican before and in this insane political climate, it’s not hard to imagine being mistaken for one of the people I’m there to protest.

I haven’t seen any fascist wear a Rick and Morty shirt. I think the abstract humor isn’t for them. They’re more of a knock-knock “get into the gas chamber” joke kind of people.

And here is #13

Andy's Follies 13


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