Seth Meyers Tackles Trump And Religion



The Check In: Trump And Religion is the latest video by Late Night with Seth Myers. If you don’t know about President Trump’s faith-based advisor and shyster, Paula White, then you are in for a treat, Disbelievers.

Paula White could be mistaken for a FOX News host by the amount of blond she’s carpet bombed her hair with. I will give her some credit, however. While the FOX News women are blond as the Nuremberg rally, they have a perennial angry cheerleader look to them. On the other hand, Paula White is all blindingly white smiles. I would be too if I were a sociopath raking in money hand over manicured fist by fleecing the desperate and ignorant.

Here’s the clip. It’s just under ten minutes so you have plenty of time to go to your job’s restroom and hit your head against the wall.

I hope you watched the video to the point Paula does her best impression of black people ever. I think she should get Breitbart News’ Amos and Andy Award for Excellence.

In case you don’t know Amos and Andy here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the show.

Amos ‘n’ Andy is an American radio and television sitcom set in HarlemManhattan‘s historic black community. The original radio show, which was popular from 1928 until 1960, was created, written, and voiced by two white actors, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, who played a number of different characters, including the titular Amos Jones (Gosden) and Andrew Hogg Brown (Correll).

I’ll see you guys later on today for the Daily 3 at 3 pm.


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