American Dad Explains Why The Bible Is Silly



American Dad explains why the bible makes no sense makes its point through the magic of animation and snark.

Check it out.


I may have to disagree with Steve, though. Crazy bologna is when you fry up a few slices, melt some cheese, and add a fried egg in order to make the most awesome sandwich in the world. If that’s crazy, then Mama you can send my brain tonic back to the psychiatrist.

One of the issues that I struggle with when communicating the absurdity of the Bible is the moral depravity aspect of the toxic fairy tales.  It’s easy for an atheist to get stuck in all the biblical genocide, baby head smashing, and the eternal message of  “Yay! Let’s have slaves!” That’s why keeping it funny helps me communicate the absurdity without slipping into rage-shaming Christians for not thinking about their own holy book.

Hmmmm… a lot of the time me trying to keep it funny flows right into rage-shaming.

What is completely unrealistic is Stan’s realization that the Bible is a sham. What would be more realistic is if Stan completely pushes all the new information out of his mind and reverts back to being a God fearing Christian in the next episode.

Wait, that does happen, doesn’t it?




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