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Atheist Pig

I’m in a relationship as many of you know. When I’m not I’m out and about and going through a lot of first dates. There aren’t a lot of second dates because, well, I’m me.

On the first date…

I’m not shiny me.

I’m not happy me.

I’m just me.

I say stuff like, “I’ve been wrestling with the fact we’re just carbon based robots. We’re pretty awesome carbon based robots, but it is what it is. Did I mention free will is a sham?”

And then I start talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Christ, I wish I was making that up.

What do I think about love?

Good luck.

If necessary, use a mediator when you get divorced.

In all reality knowing that love is nothing but a chemical mix doesn’t take away from the experience. Is my love of Guinness simply based on a chemical mix?

Yes. Yes, it is.

However, that chemical mix is pretty awesome.

Thank my fictitious God Guinness didn’t make me go through fifteen years of marriage therapy.

Wait, are we talking marriage, love, or divorce court?

Maybe all the above mixed together in a dysfunctional post.



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