Global Warming, Houston, And Cool Hats

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The Oceans Are Heating Up, But The President’s Hats Are Cool – Some News illustrates the 360 degrees of bad and sad America. Bad in our unpreparedness for Hurricane Harvey. Sad as in Donald Trump’s $40 hats he pimps as he “monitors” said hurricane.

Take a gander.

I’m writing this on Monday. You are probably reading it on the same day. However, there’s a chance you’re checking out the video and these rambling thoughts on Tuesday or afterward. In that case, President Trump may have already stated what his plans are going to be with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). As many of you know, DACA is the Obama era (remember those halcyon days?) program where people who were brought into this country as children get to live normal lives. Although they had to renew their enrollment in the program every 2 years, they could work legally, get mortgages, and join the military.

After a quick look on the intertubes Trump looks like he’s ending that program.

But I don’t want to talk about that.

What I find amazing is how that shyster knows how to dominate the news cycle. I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about Trump’s big DACA announcement tomorrow. I got the feeling I was listening to an advertisement for The Apprentice. And then I realized the news around the world is an advertisement for The Apprentice and that shitty show that comes after it Kim Jong Un’s the Bachelor.


And there’s no end in sight. the Republicans aren’t going to lose the House and they’ll keep the Senate (odds favor them in the latter and criminal redistricting tips the scales in the former) in 2018. Unless the special prosecutor pulls a Russian rabbit out of his hat this is what we get to live with.

Wait a minute…

there’s another reason why Republicans are going to keep the House in 2018 and that’s because the political left doesn’t come out in midterm elections.

There was a time in Ancient Rome that the senator Cato the Elder would end every one of his speeches with Carthage must be destroyed! Carthage was a city state in northern Africa and a traditional rival. They were seen by many as an existential threat to Roman survival.

Not getting out there to the voting booth in 2018 is our existential threat.

Carthago delenda est!



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