Man In Missouri Hangs ‘Slaves 4 Sale’ Sign To Show He Isn’t Racist


Sign advertising ‘Slaves 4 Sale’ rocks Liberty neighborhood is a real story. If you’re old enough to remember the Chappelle Show, then you’re probably thinking this could be a skit just like the Blind Racist Who Hates Blacks And Doesn’t Know He IS Black. 

So, Richard Geisenheyner loves the rebel flag. He obviously considers himself a true son of the South. The man has pride. I’m guessing he stores his pride in mason jars probably in the basement. The thing is about pride is that it often leads to stupid. For example, take this little tidbit is from the article:

“If people actually believe that a Confederate flag stands for slavery, well, I might as well be just as stupid as they are,”said Geisenheyner, who has mixed-race grandchildren.

In Richard’s case, he didn’t like the idea of people thinking he’s racist because he flies the Stars ‘n Bars. To combat that accusation he chose to place a Slaves 4 Sale sign over the flag.

Take a look.

To make it really seem like a comedy sketch the man speaks with a speech synthesizer. His hair seems to be out of a Duck Dynasty rock video from the 1980s. (No such thing, of course, but there is a redneck hair band aspect to Richard’s mane.) The neighbors who didn’t want to be shown on camera (it’s not like Richard isn’t going to know who those folks are) just add to the mishegas (craziness).

You may be thinking this is just another victory for the stupid and ignorant in America. It isn’t. The man took the sign down. If he didn’t see the absurdity of his action, then he would’ve kept the Slaves 4 Sale sign up and probably added another. People (religious or not) love doubling down when they’re wrong. It seems to be part of our species default setting of dumb.



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