Mr Deity Returns With A Stuntman

Mr Deity

Mr. Deity & the Stuntman is the latest from that wacky deity we’ve all come to love, Yahweh.

One of the takeaways from this little video is perhaps Jesus was serious when he was praying to himself and asking if the cup could be passed.

Check it out.

I’d like to say I’d take the bullet to end physical death for everyone. But I’ve been in rush hour traffic. What would happen if no one ever died? Within a very short period of time, every side street would look like rush hour in Boston.

And that’s hell on earth.

I’m too good a person to subject you all to that.

If any of you had a chance to die to prevent the physical death for the rest of us, feel free.  I’m happy to be one of the first residents of MARS I Colony. The real estate would be super cheap.

On the other hand, if I had the choice of death ala Jesus or suffering through cancer treatment, then I’d pick up my cross in one hand with a bunch of oxycontin in the other. Would it still count if I couldn’t feel anything?

I’m going to ask a minister that question.

“Would Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross counted if he were filled up to the brim with horse pills?”

That’s a YouTubeable moment if there ever was one.


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