Priest Exorcises Random People Prank


Priest Rids Place Of EVIL SPIRITS Prank is the newest video from the team at Just for Laughs Gags.

Here’s what the writers had to say about this bit:

In this prank, our house priest tries to convince strangers that the bench they are currently sitting on is haunted by evil spirits, and the only way to get rid of them (the evil spirits), is by throwing holy water all over the place…

Check it out.

As a side note, I wager that most of you “civilians” (non-comedians) think all we do is goof on people and think of cheap jokes. Well, you’re only half right. There’s rum and marijuana in the mix, too.

But seriously, there is civilian on comedian crime. Funnyman Jim Jefferies got attacked after a show and got a concussion. If you’ve been to enough live shows, then you’re going to see something crazy.

I don’t get on stage that often. However, I am doing a gig over at MIT next Tuesday. As I look at my set list I’m thinking I hope to my fictitious Allah there aren’t any angry believers in the crowd. I could be dead because of this joke.

Probably not. It’s all about playing the odds.

On the last note, I want to share with you one of the comments on this funny little video.

It’s very sweet.

Hi Dennis, I see we Muslims have you well trained again. Remember what happened in France if you and your JFL team ever insult Islam like you are doing to Jesus lovers right here, right now. To make youtube money, you pick on those that wont fight back. Brilliant tactics. My Sunni Islamic brothers wonder why you never send up Jews as well. Well done Dennis, you’re our subservient Christian troll. Funny though, we Muslims ban poofters like you. Anyway, keep trolling that easy youtube cash like a jew. We noticed your channel views have fallen, why? Ow, Marie has a Adams apple and non child bearing hips as well. We know about you tranny queers.
Hallelujah and pass the antipsychotic pills!


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