Seth Meyers Takes A Closer Look At Trump And Hurricane Harvey

Seth Meyers


Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey: A Closer Look is Seth Meyers deconstructing the politico-weather disaster once known as the United States of America.

Take a gander.


I can imagine the writers’ room for the Late Night show. They’re mostly pale people with schedules to see their therapists a few times a week. Under normal circumstances, comedy people don’t walk with the psychologically healthy ducks. We carry our dumpster fires of issues on our sleeves. With the ascent of Trump and his dedication to renewable reservoirs of crazy, I’m guessing it must have some effect on Late Night’s writers’ psyche. They have to look into the abyss and attempt to play fiddles and chuckle as the Republic gets ground into a nub.


I think there’s a bit of envy, too. Every once in a while a comedian will mention the ugly fact that President Trump is using our tricks. Even the tweet Seth mentions is jokey. DACA is the punchline. Every tweet of Trump’s is a joke, and the guy knows to punch that last word.

You can watch Lewis Black’s routine and the man knows how to yell those words with ‘k” in them (arguably the funniest sound – one of the many reasons why cuck is so popular). If Black was going to tweet like he jokes that last word to the tweet would be something like DACA.

I’m rubbing my head right now. It’s throbbing.

I’ll see you at 3 pm for the daily 3 jokes.


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