Jeff Sessions Stops By Saturday Night Live



Weekend Update: Jeff Sessions – SNL will put a smile on your face. C’mon, Rome may burn but look at Little Jeffy Sessions up there in the pic! To mix my metaphors, fifty Reichstags could burn down and President Trump obtain dictatorial power, and we’d still be laughing!


Check it out.


Hey, thanks for reading. The Boy Scouts of America prohibit atheists or agnostics from joining their organization. 
Don’t buy your holiday/Xmas/Yule tree from them. Don’t finance hate! 

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Me!!Andrew Hall is the author of Laughing in Disbelief. Besides writing a blog, co-hosting the Naked Diner, he wrote two books, Vampires, Lovers, and Other Strangers and God’s Diary: January 2017 . Andrew is reading through the Bible and making videos about his journey on YouTube. He is a talented stand-up comedian. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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