New Mr Deity! – Mr Deity And The Crises


Mr. Deity has returned in this new video Mr Deity & the Crises.

The video addresses the age old theological conundrum of What does God do with all those prayers?

Check it out.

I was once mistaken for Brian Dalton, the man behind the deity. My girlfriend and I attended the last Reason Rally. (OK, I attended and she went off and Smithsonioned.)

When we arrived at the hotel we were getting our bags out of the classy 2007 Corolla I drive. A very nice and very drunk young woman came up to me and asked if I was the guy who makes videos. I have made a few short films and videos and I answered affirmatively.

She then turned to my girlfriend and said, “You are so lucky to be with him.”

I kid you not.

A second later I realized she thought I was Brian. We both have that middle aged white guy look to us. And we wear similar glasses.

Fun times.

Oh, and it may have took me a while before telling my girlfriend about the mistaken identity. I wanted to bathe in her astonishment for a few minutes.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Please don’t buy your holiday/Christmas/Yule tree from the Boy Scouts. They discriminate against atheists and agnostics. Don’t finance hate!

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