Darwinism Is Dogma!

What is the definition of dogma? Doesn’t sound too sciencey to me.


WOTMQ: Darwinism is Dogma is the newest video from Brian Dalton of Mr. Deity fame. It’s a nice review explaining the differences between science and the fairy pixie dust of faith.

Check it out.



I really liked the Ham and Nye section of the video. Ham’s response to the question What would change your mind? is just so… so… bad. He took seven seconds to come up with I’m betting on stupid.

Never bet on stupid.

Unless, of course, the game is American politics. If you’re sitting at that table and the cards you’re holding are aggressive and stupid, then double down on your wager. The wind is at your back, and the odds are with you.

I will say as a dad I get a bit of satisfaction whenever my kids ask me “How do you know what you know?” It shows that I haven’t failed them. It’s a win in two different ways.

  1. They’re aware that claims need evidence;
  2. They’re aware that they should be questioning the claims made by authority figures

I just hope to my fictitious God they understand the game of American politics when they grow up.


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