God Interviews George Lucas (And A Star Wars Review!)

God Interviews George Lucas (And A Star Wars Review!) December 13, 2017




The Almighty sits down and chats with George Lucas. It shouldn’t be a surprise that George and God don’t see eye to eye on Star Wars.

Take a look and then we’ll gander at a review of the new Star Wars movie.

I woke up this morning and learned two important things:

  1. Roger Moore lost the election in Alabama;
  2. The Last Jedi probably doesn’t suck.

Now it would be the politically correct thing to say #1 meant a lot more to me than #2. And in the logical areas in my brain that it true. But in my heart of heart, Disbelievers, my emotional brain (those primitive primate areas) did a standing ovation at the thought of The Last Jedi not sucking.

Let’s see what one reviewer wrote about The Last Jedi.

David Edelstein gave me new hope in the franchise with his article Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Shockingly Good

Here’s a bit that resonated with me:

But the new writer-director, Rian Johnson, isn’t an impersonal technician (or a rote imitator, like Abrams). He pinpoints the intersection between characters’ desperate need to belong and the special effects that will lift those longings into the realm of myth. He achieves what no one else has since The Empire Strikes Back: a fusion of junkyard genre parts and passion.

We can all agree The Empire Strikes Back is the best of the series so far?

Good. Let’s continue.

What makes Empire so, well, weird is how much eating is going on. As many of you know digestion is used in myths to represent transformation. (Jonah was a transformed guy after being in the fish for a few days.) The next time you watch Empire write down how many times digestion is referenced. The numbers are legion. And the obvious reason why there is so much tummy imagery is because it is Luke who is being changed into a Jedi. He is the one being digested throughout the flick and ulitmately pooped out of Cloud City.

But enough about the gastrointestinal tract of Empire.

Of course The Last Jedi isn’t without its problems. I’ve read several reviews who lament the flick’s length. The second act drags a bit (a lot of second acts in a lot of movies drag). But by and large The Last Jedi looks good.

I brought both of my kids to see Rogue One. Rogue One was a promise that better times were ahead for the Star Wars franchise.

Is The Last Jedi that promise fulfilled?

I hope to my fictitious God it is.

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