Liberal Redneck’s Message About Roy Moore

Liberal Redneck’s Message About Roy Moore December 12, 2017




Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder has a new video out Liberal Redneck – To Hell with Roy Moore.

Check it out,

CNN ran an interesting story 5 things to watch in Alabama’s Senate election. And while numbers 1-4 are worth looking at (the low key Democratic push in the state among others) #5 is the most salient. Five is A sign of primary trouble for Republican incumbents? 

If Moore wins, then Steve Bannon’s star rises. And that’s good for the Trump insurgency within the Republican Party.

Bannon envisions Moore’s defeat of Sen. Luther Strange in the primary — and, he hopes, subsequent victory — as the first of many dominoes to fall in the 2018 midterm cycle.

He’s aggressively backing a primary challenger to Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. He helped chase Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake into retirement. And he’s backing candidates in primaries in 2018 battlegrounds like Montana and West Virginia.

The writer of the article says a Moore-Bannon win will give the GOP “a headache”. That’s an understatement. The GOP is being transformed from the inside. If Steve Bannon and Trump have their way, then there won’t be any non-Trumpist Republican lawmakers in office.


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