Naked Diner Podcast Ep 93 – Author David Fletcher

Naked Diner Podcast Ep 93 – Author David Fletcher December 10, 2017

Naked diner


Co-host Jack and I sat down with author David Fletcher to talk about his new book Myth Education: A Guide to Gods, Goddesses, and Other Supernatural Beings.

We talk mythology, but do it Naked Diner style. That means there’s a conversation about golden penises and a penis soooo large it drags on the ground (ouch!).

Check it out!

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Co-host Jack has a site that is filled with podcasts of years past that you may enjoy. Check out his blog For Infernal Use Only.

He has a book out! The Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old Ones Yoga: An Introductory Routine for the practice of Yog(a)-Sothothery

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram! I have two books out God’s Diary: January 2017 and Vampires, Lovers, and Other Strangers: A Short Story Collection.

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