Seth Meyers Takes A Closer Look At Trump And Roy Moore












Seth Meyers and his team brings you Doug Jones Wins in Alabama; Moore, Bannon and Trump Lose: A Closer Look.

Take a gander.

The last time I checked Roy Moore still hadn’t admitted defeat. He made a video and rambled about how important it is that he doesn’t lose. His loss would give the country over to the the Democrat devils: homosexuals, minorities, and the 21st century.

If Roy really wants to protest the results I have a few ideas for him:

  • Holding his breath for a really really long time. Don’t worry Roy, you can’t kill yourself using this method. You will make a point and turn a lovely shade of stupid.
  • Building that fort out of cushions from all the sofas and chairs in the house and not coming out until you’re elected Senator.
  • Tell the good people of Alabama if you’re not elected Senator,qqqq then you’ll start working at Chuck E Cheese.


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