YouTube Censors This Atheist’s Video

YouTube Censors This Atheist’s Video December 15, 2017



Thomas Westbrook over at the Holy Koolaid YouTube channel just came out with a video worth watching  YouTube just censored this atheist. In it Thomas explains the curious case of Godless Cranium. Godless Cranium is a godless YouTuber and made a video featuring many YouTube atheists sharing how wonderful the world would be without religion.

It got flagged by someone who thought the content was inappropriate.

While Godless Cranium’s channel didn’t get a strike against it (too many of those and kiss a channel goodbye) the video got placed into a “limited state.” YouTube won’t recommend the video. Viewers can’t use the share buttons and commenting is not allowed. Several countries aren’t allowing the video to be seen.


Here’s Holy Koolaid’s video. You will get to see Godless Cranium’s censored piece.


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