Flat Earthers And Their “Conspiracy Facts”

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“This is not a conspiracy theory,” he said. “This is a conspiracy fact.”

I had to lead off with that line. It’s epic in its absurdity. That pearl of wisdom is taken from the LA Times story The Earth is round, and other myths, debunked by the flat Earth movement (you read that right).

I’ve written many funny Poes about the flat Earth movement. Here are a few:

The story in the LA Times reveals the truth behind a lot of those jokes.

A conspiratorial mind-set and a deep current of religious ideology permeate the movement, which preaches that Earth was created by design, not by accident. As evidence of its shape, some reference Bible verses touting “the four corners of the Earth,” “foundations of the Earth” and Earth being God’s “footstool.”

This may be a bit tangential, but I saw the movie  Stranger Than Fiction for the first time Sunday night.

The author of the article chats with one Mark Sargent. Mark is a full time YouTuber. His channel is all about the flat Earth and has over 10 million views.

The flat Earth revival, he said, can be explained in large part by YouTube, increased skepticism of authority and the message of hope it conveys.

“You’re not on a tiny little speck of rock just flying through this endless, incomprehensible universe and you are not small,” said Sargent, who believes Earth is beneath a dome. “It was built just for you. All the world is a stage and you’re in it. You are on a ride. Part stage, part terrarium, part planetarium. Whatever it is, it is very deliberate.”

Yes, in case you were wondering there is a YouTube channel called Globebusters. I’ll hazard a guess and say it has nothing to do with Mythbusters.

When asked why would there be a conspiracy against a flat Earth, Globebuster Bob Knodel gave this reply:

“They want to dissuade you from the idea of a God,” Knodel said. “Beyond that, as a way to control your mind. They want us to think that we aren’t special, but we are.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the Flat Earth and Hollow Earth Conference.

OK, there isn’t one planned, is there?

*checks Google*

Thank my fictitious God there isn’t one… yet.



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