Seth Meyers Reflects On Trump, Weather, And Pizza



Back in My Day: Pizza Hut’s Self-Driving Cars, Midterm Elections is from the team over at Late Night with Seth Meyers. I chuckled at a few of his observations and you may, too.

Check it out.



I don’t know about you, but I find myself having to remind people that things weren’t so great in the past. I’m firmly in middle age (turning 50 this year) and there are many my age who look back at the 80s through some sort of halcyon lense.

Let me tell you something, Whippersnappers, the 80s wasn’t a Golden Age. We had a lot of things you may recognize today:

  • A President that may well be aggressively senile.
  • Russia (back then it was branded USSR).
  • Stupid. Like globs of stupid just dripping off of people. It was very unsanitary.

I remember the 90s as a lot more fun. It may have had something to do with me turning 21 during the 90s.


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