Trump’s Attack On Legal Immigration


So Stupid It’s Not Funny: Trump’s Crackdown on Legal Immigration: The Daily Show is Trevor Noah and his team exposing the many lies (their name is Legion) of President Trump about immigration.

Check it out.


What Trump is good — no, great at — at is spinning his lies by using vivid imagery. He talks about putting hands in bowls of poo. OK, he didn’t use the word poo, but that’s what his fan base is thinking.

And the strong reactions probably don’t stop there, either. The true believer of Trump may think:

Do I want my hand covered in poo? Do I want my daughter to live in a country with bowls of human poo?  What if she marries one and I have little poo grand kiddies? Heck, NO! 

You may think that’s unrealistic. However, a lot racism boils down to Those people are dirty and they want to have sex with our womens’ naughtiest parts!



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