Hildale Town Employees Resign Due To A Woman Becoming Mayor

Faith-based crazy.

Sometimes you take a look at the first few lines of a story you say Well that’s pretty crazy. And then you read a bit more and you say They really buried the lead with how crazy this place is.

Allow me to introduce to you 11 Hildale city employees resign; at least one because of religious beliefs.

Hildale can be found in Utah and abuts Arizona. It has quite a story:

Eleven city employees in Hildale have resigned, including one who wrote that his religious beliefs prohibit him from “following a woman, and from serving on a board with apostates,” said Mayor Donia Jessop, one of four nonmembers of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints elected to office last November.

Apostates. I bet thats part of the dirty talk married members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ use when they’re biblically getting to know each other.

One out of eleven state they’re leaving due to “following a woman and from serving on a board with apostates.” I think it’s a safe guess that the other ten have similar feelings but are just afraid to say it in public.

The new mayor is taking things in stride. There are no hard feelings. There may be part of her that thinks this is a good thing. After all, who wants to have a gaggle of employees who hate you because you have a vagina?

But this is the special sauce to this story, Disbelievers. Here is the setup:

Roger Carter, city manager of Washington City, who was appointed in 2016 by the court to monitor operations in Hildale and Colorado City, is working with Jessop and her staff to assist with the changeover.

“He has been a huge help and support,” she said.

And here is the payoff of crazy juice:

Carter’s appointment was in response to a jury verdict that individuals who did not belong to the FLDS church were denied police protection, building permits and water hookups on the basis of religion, prompting the court to place the town under court supervision for 10 years.

Here’s hoping Hildale, Utah continues to move away from theocracy.


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