NRA Demands Deregulation Of Rocket Propelled Grenades


The National Rifle Association (NRA) is demanding the deregulation of rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) for civilians. This is in response to the unfortunate accident in Arizona that involved a driverless car controlled by the ride sharing company Uber. The accident resulted in one death.

The NRA states assault rifles are no longer enough to protect oneself in today’s world. “You can shoot up a self-driving Corolla and still not stop it,” observed NRA spokesperson Andrew Canard. “A rocket propelled grenade would. It’d even stop a Camry.”

Rocket propelled grenades utilize “shaped charges.” The force of the detonation is projected in one direction and thus increasing the weapon’s stopping power. The NRA asserts everyday citizens should have the right to carry special high explosive anti-tank (HEAT ) grenades. Such rounds use the force of the explosion to heat up the copper lining of the grenade and project it forward. This ultra hot copper penetrates armor like a hot knife through butter.

Gun fetishists throughout America are applauding the bold move by the NRA. Many believe it’s only a matter of time before a race war or assault on humanity by ultra-intelligent robots. “I heard on InfoWars Mexican scientists are making lazy robots to infiltrate America to take our jobs away,” stated on anonymous NRA member. “A grenade launcher would solve that problem fast.”

President Trump has yet to weigh in on this matter. Sources state it’s only a matter of time before he deregulates rocket propelled grenades for general use by civilians.


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