At President Trump‘s Expense…

At President Trump‘s Expense… May 15, 2018

This comic is aptly titled Authority and is from Pliny the in Between!

I should apologize to all of you because I haven’t been cranking out jokes at President Trump’s expense lately. There are only so many hours in a day and coupled with so many targets for humor it’s difficult to keep up. Today I’m making up for it. Enjoy these three comedic crunchy nuggets.

"Trump: "I'm Not the President of the Globe," Embraces Flat-Earth Conspiracy"

President Trump Orders Bicycle Lanes Demolished
"Unlikely, since this movement is attacking early indoctrination into irrational belief systems. There is nothing ..."

Iceland Raises Age Of Religious Consent ..."
"Trump seems to me like the kind of right-wing, ignorant, overweight, bully-boy who would happily ..."

President Trump Orders Bicycle Lanes Demolished

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