Everything Wrong With Jordan Peterson – Naked Diner Ep. 111

Everything Wrong With Jordan Peterson – Naked Diner Ep. 111 June 19, 2018


This episode of the Naked Diner is officially titled Andy Rants About Jordan Peterson. And it’s called that because my co-host Jack Matirko crafts the show titles. That being said, this is my blog post so for our purposes I’m going with Everything Wrong About Jordan Peterson.

It’s impossible to go over everything wrong with Professor Peterson (thankfully there will be other episodes and blog posts) in an hour show. It would be like reading every single Wikipedia page in the original Klingon. What we do in this episode is joke and laugh at, well, how laughable the man is. We make valid points about lobsters, emotions, and why there are so many atheists who are on the Jordan Peterson train.

This is a funny and profane episode of the Naked Diner. If this is your first exposure to the Diner be aware there’s a lot of swearing.

Wasn’t there a study that showed people who curse are more honest?


Enjoy the show!


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