New Atheist Pig Comic – Infinite Value

New Atheist Pig Comic – Infinite Value July 9, 2018


Winston Hamilton is The Atheist Pig and is engaged in a deep philosophical conversation in this comic Infinite Value.

Check it out!

When I was a Christian I said more than once, “If God doesn’t exist, then life has no meaning.” I was saying claptrap like that quite a bit in my teens. Looking back at those moments I think to myself Gosh, maybe I needed antidepressant medication. 

Maybe a girlfriend might have done the trick, too.

Regardless, I grew out of Christianity in time. Just like I gave up wearing tights-whitey underwear, I tossed away Jesus and never looked back.

Like the pig? Here are a few of his other adventures.

Laughing in Disbelief has a Facebook group Left of Center. Check it out!





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