An Atheist Reads The Bible – Genesis 39-40

An Atheist Reads The Bible – Genesis 39-40 August 7, 2018


Mr. Richard M. Poppet is our host. He’s reading and commenting on the Book of Genesis Chapters 39+40.

Genesis 39+40 follows Joseph’s story. He’s a slave in Egypt. However, God still shines a light on him. Joseph becomes the head slave and runs his master’s household. All is well until a WOMAN throws herself at his hot Jewish body. It’s his master’s wife and Joseph isn’t repaying his master’s “kindness” by screwing her and screwing him over.

Joseph gets tossed into prison because the woman spurned lies and gets him into trouble. While in prison Joseph gives interprets two dreams correctly.

If you like Mr. Poppet, then say so in the comments. He may become a regular contributor.

Here’s the video! (If you can’t watch the video for some reason, here’s a link! Here’s another link to all the other videos on my YouTube channel.)


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