Trump.Dating is very real, Disbelievers. It’s a dating site dedicated to Trump supporters who are looking for that special someone to share their psychiatric diagnoses with. Trump.Dating isn’t subtle. DEPORT LIBERALS FROM YOUR LOVE LIFE FIND YOUR PRO-TRUMP MATCH TODAY I swear to my fictitious God I’m not making this up. It’s as if a satirical piece came to life and wants to have sex with FOX News personalities. I want you to guess how many non-white people… Read more

  Ten-year-old Adolf Hitler is beginning to wonder why so many people are trying to kill him. At least once a day an oddly dressed man or woman appears and attempts to do him bodily harm. Sometimes there are several before breakfast, and that can ruin his morning gruel. Mother and Father take no notice. Perhaps they just don’t care. The other day a man wearing very skinny jeans showed up wielding a funny looking pistol. Just like all the others,… Read more

Here is a funny video Michael Che – Heaven and Hell. You may know Michael from his work on Saturday Night Live. He’s the co-anchor on Weekend Update. Check out this bit from his Netflix stand-up special Michael Che Matters. Heaven and hell don’t make sense in the same way getting bitten by a radioactive spider and getting spider-like abilities doesn’t make sense.   :/     I have a Patreon account just in case you wish to show your… Read more

  The Parkland, Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was a member of a Christian white militia. Florida school shooting suspect is a white nationalist, group leader says tells the tale: PARKLAND, Fla. — The leader of a white nationalist militia says Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee. On Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) spoke with Republic of Florida (ROF) leader Jordan Jereb about Cruz’s involvement with the organization. So,… Read more

President Trump and Republicans around America are solving the epidemic of school shootings by building protective Thoughts and Prayers Walls. These impressive structures will protect American schools with concentrated prayers AND thoughts. The building materials are free due to the fact bricks from the Church-State Barrier are being used. ”The only thing we’re spending money on is labor, folks.” President Trump exclaimed. Observers of the American bipolar political scene point out the Church-State Barrier wasn’t in too great a shape… Read more

Another day in “Merica, and its another day I’m subtly coaxing my kids to GET THE  HECK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. School shootings can do that to me. They’re still young (12 and 15). Unless some sort of incident requiring Thoughts and Prayers happens to them, one of my little gene machines may just move to a less crapholy country. The Atheist Pig featured this comic Mass Shootings after — wait for it — one of our many mass shootings…. Read more

  Oslo, Norway – Responding to the recent school shooting in Florida, the government of Norway is offering a gun buy back program throughout the United States of America. The program is tentatively named The NRA is an Infected Anal Wart and is set to begin June 1st. Hans Canard, the famous sculptor, is planning to melt down the weapons of mass destruction into a series of pieces he is calling The NRA is an Infected Wart Deep In America’s Anus… Read more

Valentine’s Day is here and Hallmark claims more victims. I’m one of them. I’ve been able to avoid a lot of the silliness society burdens us with. However, Valentine’s Day has me in its clutches. Interesting story. While my buddy and I were in college his girlfriend broke up with him on Valentine’s Day. Via voice mail. Hopefully your day is going better than that. Enjoy the 3. Read more

I can explain Bitcoin to my kids. That’s one of my ways to know if I understand something. If your twelve-year-old can take a snap quiz after you’re done and get an A or B, then you know your stuff. (Right now my kids could take an exam on such diverse topics as World War 2, Personal Finance, and Don’t Believe Everything Your Mother Says About Me.) Of course, getting acquainted with a subject requires time and effort. In my… Read more

What would you do with $102 million? Wait, let’s rephrase that. What would you do with $102 million, if you were Christian? That’s an important distinction given the way Jesus used to wash the feet of the poor, and his general belief that the needy should be taken care of. OK, that distinction made, what would you do with $102 million? Would you feed the poor? Clothe them? Donate the money to education, or medical research? Would you use it… Read more

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