Mohamed Ibrahim is the artist behind MoCartoons! Here’s a bit from his bio: Mohamed Ibrahim is the author of the Muhammad by Mohamed series and an ardent supporter of free-speech and freedom from religion. He grew up in several Middle-Eastern countries before coming to the United States. After receiving a graduate degree, he dove headlong into corporate America where he did who-knows-what. With an insatiable creative bend, Ibrahim kept busy with various creative over the years. After the events of… Read more

    Hot on the campaign trail for Republican midterm candidates, President Trump told a crowd of supporters he is going to reunify North and South Carolina. It’s bad. North and South Carolina are the two Siamese twins we need to reattach to each other, folks. They were meant to be together and then war broke them apart. No more. I promise you those two crazy kids will be made whole. Promise! People at Republican Congressman Andrew Canard of West… Read more

  Heaven – In a stunning turn of events God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost appeared before the heavenly hosts and the earthly press to officially state they are not telling racist white people to call the police on black people minding their own business. ”I… I just can’t even deal with you people,” God the Father muttered as he addressed the crowd. “And by you people I’m talking about folks like Permit Patty, Barbeque Becky, and that… Read more

  Scott Pruitt resigned as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to his many scandals. Wanting to start with a clean slate, President Trump skipped over Andrew Wheeler, the deputy head of the EPA, and chose the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to be in charge. Republicans support the decision 100%. “Andy would’ve gutted the EPA,” stated Senator Andrew Canard (R-MS). “President Trump showed us all how a professional destroys clean air and water. He went with one of… Read more

  “I’m just happy as well as pleasantly surprised the world isn’t burning,” he mentioned. He being one of the guests of the Naked Diner podcast. And I’m not going to mention his name because, well, he has a great reputation for being a nice guy in the secular movement. Who knows what would happen to his reputation if it got out he thought like me? (I have no positive reputaton in any movement.) This video How America Got Divorced from… Read more

    In today’s marketplace consumers can be easily fleeced. That cat toy you just got Mr. Banjo fell apart within minutes of it meeting his pitty paws. The supposed four star hotel you booked on Orbitz has no pool, has no bar, and definitely more bedbugs than that place you used to take your girlfriend to when you were 18-years-old. It’s almost as if capitalism is based on separating fools from their money. If a visitor from another planet… Read more

Alex Jones Of InfoWars is proclaiming this July 4th  an “international July 4th” when “team humanity” gets to fight against the globalists and transhumanists. Here’s the clip, BREAKING NEWS! JULY 4TH, 2ND CIVIL WAR! – ALEX JONES INFOWARS where he makes the august announcement. Twitter is abuzz with #SecondCivilWar. Here are some of the funnier tweets!   My Dearest Lenore, The first shot rang out at dawn but it was a red hat accidentally shooting himself in the leg. He… Read more

  A new study from Canard Fowler University reveals Americans are being stalked mercilessly by the 24 hour news cycle. Results from the report show no matter how hard everyday citizens seek to hide from current events there is simply no escape. The study is titled There’s No Way Out So Stop Trying You’re Only Embarrassing Yourself analyzed questionnaires from 11, 393 American citizens. Most of these individuals at the time were living in the United States and its possessions…. Read more

I think a lot about comedy. I think a lot about Donald Trump. It’s probably two of the reasons why I correctly predicted Donald Trump winning in 2016. The episodes of the Naked Diner podcast from that time are splattered with me saying “Trump is going to win” and our guests telling me I’m wrong. *shrugs shoulders* Meh. Take a look at Big Think’s video Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans. I’ll add… Read more

THE MAJORITY OPINION IN PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is possibly the funniest thing you’re going to read today. And I didn’t write it. The satirical article’s home is over at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. It’s a great site with gaggles of talented people creating the funny. Here’s a taste of THE MAJORITY OPINION IN PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: With all facts in plain view, and the weight of our shared history of… Read more

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