My newest meme is a joke. D’uh. It’s kinda similar to the Louis CK bit…     It’s similar because it’s dark, and, well, you’ll see. In that spirit, here is a joke reflecting my knee-jerk reaction to CEO Martin Shkreli, you know that guy who raised the price of a medication for AIDS a gazillion percent, getting arrested for fraud. Enjoy.     Read more

I’m not Jewish. (I could be, being adopted and all. Who knows?) I occasionally look over at the other Patheos channels, and you would think there would be more yuks over at the Jewish Channel. Nope. Not so much. What I’m doing with this post is picking up their slack, so to speak, with this updated version of the Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler. Enjoy!   Read more

  Mike Stanfill over at Raging Pencils  has a new comic out that features dolphins. He wrote an explanation on how he came up with the idea. (I’m always interested in reading about those kind of things.)  Mike states that Douglas Adams, atheist extraordinaire, figured into the equation. Douglas Adams’ vision that humans aren’t the most intelligent creatures on the planet seems to come into sharper focus with each passing day. All our aquatic pals seem to do is play and… Read more

Here is another throwback Thursday bit of funny! This clip is from the show That Mitchell and Webb Look. Enjoy! Read more

It’s throwback Thursday, so what better way to acknowledge this august happening than to bear witness to Jesus healing the sick? Enjoy! Read more

I learned a word today! And got a chuckle while doing it. I just wish studying for the vocabulary section of the GREs was this fun. It wasn’t. By a long shot.     Want to find out more about comedian Leighann Lord? Well, she’s going to be on the Naked Diner podcast pretty soon!’ In the meantime you can check out her page! Read more

The American Phrenological Association (APA)  announced a new classification of mental disorder: Christian Persecution Complex (CPC). This new classification is the result from years of research. The APA’s research team spent thousands of  hours watching FOX News, watching YouTube videos, and reading conservative sites like The Blaze. The newly classified condition is considered to be a form of personality disorder, where the inflicted party suffers chronically from a pattern of maladjusted behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that are considered ego-syntonic (part… Read more

  Is it me or does Bill Nye look like he should be in a Norman Rockwell painting? This is just conjecture on my part, but I’m guessing he can do a really good Jimmy Stewart impression. (*crickets* because most readers here don’t know who Jimmy Stewart is). Regardless, here is Bill Nye answering a question from a viewer on the YouTube channel Big Think.     Read more

This is just a reminder that I can write a cheap joke.   Read more

Pliny the in Between cooked up this bit of funny on his blog, Evolving Perspectives, and I thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy.   Read more

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