In today’s marketplace consumers can be easily fleeced. That cat toy you just got Mr. Banjo fell apart within minutes of it meeting his pitty paws. The supposed four star hotel you booked on Orbitz has no pool, has no bar, and definitely more bedbugs than that place you used to take your girlfriend to when you were 18-years-old. It’s almost as if capitalism is based on separating fools from their money. If a visitor from another planet… Read more

Alex Jones Of InfoWars is proclaiming this July 4th  an “international July 4th” when “team humanity” gets to fight against the globalists and transhumanists. Here’s the clip, BREAKING NEWS! JULY 4TH, 2ND CIVIL WAR! – ALEX JONES INFOWARS where he makes the august announcement. Twitter is abuzz with #SecondCivilWar. Here are some of the funnier tweets!   My Dearest Lenore, The first shot rang out at dawn but it was a red hat accidentally shooting himself in the leg. He… Read more

  A new study from Canard Fowler University reveals Americans are being stalked mercilessly by the 24 hour news cycle. Results from the report show no matter how hard everyday citizens seek to hide from current events there is simply no escape. The study is titled There’s No Way Out So Stop Trying You’re Only Embarrassing Yourself analyzed questionnaires from 11, 393 American citizens. Most of these individuals at the time were living in the United States and its possessions…. Read more

I think a lot about comedy. I think a lot about Donald Trump. It’s probably two of the reasons why I correctly predicted Donald Trump winning in 2016. The episodes of the Naked Diner podcast from that time are splattered with me saying “Trump is going to win” and our guests telling me I’m wrong. *shrugs shoulders* Meh. Take a look at Big Think’s video Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans. I’ll add… Read more

THE MAJORITY OPINION IN PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is possibly the funniest thing you’re going to read today. And I didn’t write it. The satirical article’s home is over at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. It’s a great site with gaggles of talented people creating the funny. Here’s a taste of THE MAJORITY OPINION IN PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: With all facts in plain view, and the weight of our shared history of… Read more

    Washington DC – A trade war looms between America and her close ally, Canada. Tariffs are being catapulted over America’s northern border into Canada. The Great White North is responding by sending tariffs south via genetically altered beavers. And to make matters worse President Trump once again attacked one of Canada’s hallowed holidays, Canada Day, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Last year President Trump took to Twitter to trash the day Canada unified all of its… Read more

  Washington DC – President Trump ordered the state of New Mexico to change its name to something less Mexican. The commander-in-chief signed the executive order today giving New Mexicans 30 days to make the change or suffer dire consequences. And dire consequences mean every New Mexican getting deported to Mexico. Politicians in Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital, aren’t surprised with this recent move by the mercurial Trump. “After he deported Puerto Ricans to Mexico and attacked the US Virgin… Read more

  Jackson, Mississippi – Reverend P.G.T. Beauregard of Mustard Seed Baptist Church is selling a line of heterosexual light bars. Typical light bars are portable sources of light designed to illuminate anything from campsites to indoor workspaces. Reverend Beauregard realized Satan can sneak into a man’s life at any time. That’s why he developed Jesus is Lit! Lights. ”One of the teens told me after church he thought Jesus was lit. I had no idea what he was talking about. He… Read more

Celebrity academic Professor Jordan Peterson is wowing millions with his bestselling book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. He’s on tour with that libertarian sage for the ages, Dave Rubin. If you’ve enjoyed Jordan Peterson’s books, his visits on many podcasts, and his books, then he has a Patreon account so you can support him with your hard-earned money! Like many creatives who have a Patreon account, Jordan Peterson is giving perks to those who are donating! Recently he… Read more

    Russian Bot 272 is a representative of the People of Light, a group once known a white people. He proudly announced the Age of Guilt is officially over. The official statement came in the comment section of the Breitbart story Al Sharpton Thinks More White People Would Care If Police Were Shooting Them In The Back.  Here are excerpts from Russian Bot 272’s declaration: Let’s get something straight. If non U.S. citizens are a race, then U.S. citizens are… Read more

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