I bid you all an official Happy Darwin Day. I know it’s trendy to say Merry Naturalist Day. However, I want you all to remember the reason for the season. And that season and reason is Charles Darwin. What you will find in the next few panels are a few jokes maybe some jibes and some other j word that would make the end of this sentence truly clever. As an atheist and a dad I’ve been telling my kids… Read more

Happy Darwin Day to one and all. To commemorate the occasion I bring you Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin – Epic Rap Battles of History.  This isn’t safe for work, BTW. It is hilarious AF. Enjoy! I have a Patreon account just in case you wish to show your appreciation for my work here on Laughing in Disbelief. Read more

Sometimes you take a look at the first few lines of a story you say Well that’s pretty crazy. And then you read a bit more and you say They really buried the lead with how crazy this place is. Allow me to introduce to you 11 Hildale city employees resign; at least one because of religious beliefs. Hildale can be found in Utah and abuts Arizona. It has quite a story: Eleven city employees in Hildale have resigned, including one… Read more

  Here are some astounding pictures from last week’s unbelievable news stories. Enjoy!   In case you need a reason to dislike Pat Robertson you should check out guest blogger Nathan Timmel’s post Pat Robertson – A Life Of Hypocrisy.   Mike Pence received Gaydar Magazine’s hallowed Lifetime in the Closet Award.   McDonald’s introduced its newest culinary delight — The Donald Trump Patriot Meal    He didn’t wait for a US military parade. Donald Trump decided to make his… Read more

Washington DC – Leaked memos from the White House reveal the Trump administration considered invading Canada months before the Winter Olympics. President Trump believed taking over the Great White North would create an Olympic super team as well as provide a much-needed influx of wholesome white people. “Right now the United States is third place in total medals won at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics,” explained White House insider Andrew Canard. “The math is clear. If there were a combined US-Canada… Read more

  Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a groundbreaking show that ran from 2003 to 2007. The program featured 5 gay men who were experts in their fashionable fields  who helped out hapless heterosexuals in dire need of makeovers. Flash forward to today and the new Netflix show Queer Eye for the Evangelical Guy puts a spin on the old show. The newest Queer Eye incarnation focuses on 5 gay men offering fashion advice AND a philosophical intervention for Evangelical… Read more

  A study published in the medical journal Canard reports teenagers aged 13-15 who were entrusted with a Skeptical Carl Sagan Baby Doll® for a 48 hour period scored lower on cognitive tasks measuring critical thinking skills. The researchers loaned 1,689 dolls to male and female students from Little Rock, Arkansas. Each student was responsible for “Little Carl Sagan’s” care over a weekend. Just before receiving a doll every participant took a test measuring his or her’s critical thinking skills…. Read more

  Laughing in Disbelief’s Week in Review is dedicated to giving you links to the most important satirical stories you may have missed.   Homosexual calls for conversion therapy to ‘cure’ Christianity “Christianity is a fundamental danger to the well-being of society,” said Simon Williams, a homosexual anti-Christian campaigner. – News Thump   OUR ADMINISTRATION COULD SPEND $5 MILLION ON MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS FOR VETERANS, BUT WE THINK WHAT VETERANS REALLY WANT IS A BIG, EXPENSIVE MILITARY PARADE Go down… Read more

  President Trump spoke recently at the National Prayer Breakfast dressed in the traditional robes of a Dark Lord of the Sith. He and his fans were happy to show off their new 666 tattoos. President Trump addressed the gathering with a message of faith: America is a nation of believers, and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer. This morning, our hearts are full of gratitude as we come together for the 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast…. Read more

  Washington DC – President Trump refused to wait for the US military to give him the military parade of his dreams. Being a man of actin, he called out to his fans in paramilitaries around the world, and they answered. Today they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. At first, bystanders had no idea what was going on. Suddenly the streets were cleared by men in brown shirts, and the marching bands began to play. The tune was unfamiliar to many…. Read more

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