Here is Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look. I just want to point out one of the many hypocritical opinions the political right has. It’s the idea that people were lazy and didn’t sign up for DACA. It’s absurd. What’s far more likely is that they didn’t trust the government. Who on the right is going to blame them for not trusting the government? There are Republicans and Libertarians who don’t want to… Read more

  OAK BROOK, IL – It’s no secret President Trump loves to eat the fine culinary delights found at every McDonald’s. He loves the consistency of the food and cleanliness of the restaurants. McDonald’s is saluting America’s commander-in-chief by introducing the Donald Trump Patriot Meal®. The Donald Trump Patriot Meal® consists of two Double Quarter Pounders® wrapped in bacon. They are lovingly coated with the finest mixture of flour and seasonings and then deep fried. Within seconds the delectables are… Read more

  Vice President Mike Pence has many titles he can be proud of: 50th Governor of Indiana, United States Representative, and, of course, Vice President of the United States. Today he won another. Gaydar Magazine awarded Vice President Mike Pence the Lifetime in the Closet Award. Gaydar Magazine gives a yearly trophy to the Republican politician who is firmly in the closet and publicly against LGBTQ rights. However, this is the first time the periodical is awarding a trophy for a… Read more

  WordPress and I have a difficult relationship. When I was writing my old blog (Laughing in Purgatory) it was on Blogger. Now, Blogger isn’t great, but I never ever had the problems I have here. Even as I’m writing this the cursor for some reason is one line under where it should be. I hate wordpress like 7th grade boys hate taking daily showers. That being said, here is today’s 3. Read more

  Mr Deity and the Baptist is one of my favorite videos by Mr Deity, Brian Keith Dalton (who was a guest on the Naked Diner podcast). Who doesn’t like John the Baptist? He was a crazy guy who I looked up to as a kid. 3John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey. 5 People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea… Read more

This post is about the American Atheist article Attorney General Sessions Installs “Religious Freedom” Czars in Every US Attorney’s Office. But first I’m going to tell you about how much I hate czars. I hate czars. When I first heard we had a Drug Czar one the first things I thought was We may as well rebrand the US Navy as the Spanish Armada. (The Spanish Armada was one of the biggest military fiascos that ever occurred.) I don’t think the word… Read more

  Unsurprisingly Jesus is a big topic for atheists who just happen to draw comics. It makes a lot of sense. And it makes for the artist a few cents, too. Jesus is big business here in ‘Merica. Televangelists make big bucks off shoveling Jesus down the throats of the faithful. Cartoonists make a few shekels here and there from making fun of them. Here are 4 comics that take aim and Jesus and his followers. You may recognize some… Read more

    “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” Some bearded hippie said that, and while it’s generally not a good thing to quote bearded hippies, it’s applicable at this point in time. WWJDW: Profiles in Courage hadn’t planned on opening with Pat Robertson… but then he went and had a stroke. What would happen if we lost him? Yes, we could always wait until after he passes to praise him, but it’s probably… Read more

I went to see a 4-D movie today. It was my first time, and it was quite the experience. For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the wonders of 4-D, please allow me to explain. Your seat jostles you about. You get full blown smell-o-vision. And  air gets blown at you to similulate wind. Now you may think it was 103% negative experience. It wasn’t. I was seeing the horror flick The Winchester House and my seat shaking me… Read more

  Here is Family Guy – Brian Is an Atheist Even if you’re not a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s  Family Guy you may find this clip funny. Check it out.   One of the reasons why I self-identify as an atheist is to help lower the stigma of the “A” word. I’m fortunate in that my emplower(s) don’t care about my lack of belief in toxic fairytales. Living in a blue state helps, too. However, one of my kids has been… Read more

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