Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

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I'm happy to share our first guest post from my friend Catriona McDonald. Catriona practices Revival Druidry in central Massachusetts. She is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and is active with the Mystic River Grove.  You can find her all the time over at the Druid's Well.People don't like to write about failure—the false starts, detours, wrong turns. Admitting that something doesn't work for you, or worse, that you were (gasp!) wrong about your spiritual course is not re … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #5

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Hello, Monday!  Here you are again, and here we are, doing our practice.This week, I noticed that transitions are hard, even when they are moving in a lovely direction.This week, I invite in sovereignty.  We are each sovereign: although we live in connection, we are ultimately our own authorities.  When I practice sovereignty, I stay centered in myself and my web of connection and take full responsibility for myself without taking on other people's stuff.  Yes, please.Ways this co … [Read more...]

Self-care and being alone

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Spiritual practice, to me, is a form of self-care.  Along with eating well, moving my body, and getting enough sleep, it’s one of the core ways that I take care of myself.  I’ve long thought about how to manage my schedule to make enough time for these activities, and I’ve done it increasingly successfully over the years.I've found my need for rest much harder to fulfill, though.  Here’s a confession: I’m an introvert.  I am talkative and sometimes bossy, and at times I crave company.  I spen … [Read more...]


Compass Rose at Canterbury Cathedral (photo by Jim Leonard)

Were I a deadwood shipMy heart a compassI would leave with inanimate grace-Dar Williams Practice is a rudder.All of those sayings about the importance of goals and the examined life serve to remind us that we are in motion.  If we aren’t steering, then we are swept along.  (Perhaps we are swept along anyway; I consider this a matter of personal theology.  But either way, the choice is to go where the current takes us or to steer.)Practice is a way of steering.  In … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #4

Great Blue Heron on Horn Pond

On Mondays, we practice together!  I would love to have you join me at any point during the week.This week, I noticed that after a few days of slipping up on the things that support me – good food choices, downtime, practice – I start to want to do them again.Next week, I invite in the willingness to lean into change.  Several big things are changing in my life right now, and I want to honor them as opportunities to create other shifts I want.Ways this could work: I could mull over wa … [Read more...]

Practicing: Magical Work

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Not all Pagan traditions practice magic, but most engage intention in one form or another.  One way to think of the formal, ritual practices of magic — spells, candles, incense, ritual — is as a way of focusing intention and heightening its effectiveness.Nurturing our connections, which we talked about a few days ago, is the heart of magical work as well as of practice.  When I’m focused on my health, I can consider what I take into my body, how much movement and nature I am getting, and … [Read more...]

Practicing: Honoring Connections

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I mentioned early on that connection seems to me to be the heart of practice, and I find that specific ways of honoring connections are as universal as the practices themselves are varied.The self  One valuable goal of practice is to allow all of our selves to be heard.  Most of us live in a world dominated by our rational selves, and the thinking, talking, reasoning, chattering voices we use for things like conversation, problem-solving, and managing schedules often get the lion’s share … [Read more...]